Spring is in the air and it’s about time! With your spring cleaning checklist growing, don’t forget about your windows. The weather is getting warmer and will soon be warm enough to crack your windows open and give them a thorough cleaning. Window companies suggest that not only will they need a good scrub down to let in all that glowing spring sunshine perhaps they’ll need an upgrade too. Here is a spring-ready window checklist that will kick-start you spring cleaning.

One of the first things that window companies suggest you do after every winter season is to give your windows a good inspection. Start by looking on the outside for any damaged screens, trim or panes and keep note. Once you’ve taken a look outside inspect around the inside of your windows. Slide them open to make sure they move easily and there is no damage that could have been caused by the cold winter weather. If you have custom windows, make sure all the features are in working condition so you can start enjoying the spring weather ASAP.

If your windows pass your at-home inspection, they’ll be sure to need a good cleaning. After harsh winter winds and weather, a lot of dirt and ice can buildup causing dirt and grime. Start by cleaning the screens with a broom head or retractable vacuum nozzle. This will get rid of any dust and dirt so you’ll only be breathing in the freshest air. A great tip that window companies use for cleaning windows is use a mixture of glass cleaner, water and dish soap. Wipe the inside panes horizontally and the outside vertically so you can catch any streaks. With custom windows, make sure to clean every window pane layer to get the clearest views possible.

If your windows did not pass your at-home inspection, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade to new custom window. There are several window companies to choose from that offer a variety of styles and sizes of windows for your home. Make this the year the year you upgrade the picture window in your living room or add a new custom window to the bathroom to so you can finally enjoy a bubble bath and look out at the beautiful view on cool summer nights.

Once you’ve inspected and cleaned your windows, spring time is a great opportunity to enhance the features your home already has. Upgrade your window fixtures to add a pop of colour to your home décor or give it a more modern look. The possibilities are endless and it will be a great reward once your spring cleaning is complete!