There are so many considerations to be made when designing or renovating an office space. Will you have cubicles, or would you rather an open-concept design? What colours and accents on the walls are most like to inspire productivity? Should there be plants, and if yes, what kind?

But one of the most important questions to consider is, what types of windows will best benefit your office space? And no, we don’t mean the operating system. Window manufacturers in Ontario carry a veritable wealth of different options, but for an office, some are certainly better than others. Still, with all the options window manufacturers have to offer, it must be impossible to know which ones are best? Well, not quite.

Styles of windows

Window manufacturers in Ontario can craft windows for you in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Some open, some do not, some are big and let in a lot of light, and some are purely decorative.

A productive office space requires light – this is a given. Natural light not only brightens up a space more than artificial light can, it is also shown to improve people’s moods (therefore boosting morale and productivity) and can make a space seem cleaner and more spacious.

Horizontal slider windows are a good choice because they can be made to any height, and easily slide open to let in air, which can do double duty by reducing energy costs in the summer time (more on that later). Casement windows, which can open outwards by turning a hand crank, are also a versatile option for allowing in light and easy ventilation. Your local window manufacturer can help you design and install either type of window, optimized to your workspace.

Type of glass

Ontario’s window manufacturers provide more than just different styles of windows: they also offer special types of glass to suit specific needs. Energy Star-certified windows are specially crafted to help reduce energy usage and cost but using special insulation methods to keep warm air in, reducing heating costs in the winter. For insulation purposes, triple-glazed windows – that is, windows with three panes – are also a great option.

Getting your office windows installed by professional and experienced window manufacturers is also beneficial because they can be sure to place the windows correctly to ensure that air doesn’t escape during the winter.

And now you can see how selecting the right type of window with the right type of glass can help create a workspace that is bright, inviting, promotes productivity, and is energy efficient. Talk to your local window manufacturer in Ontario today to get the best windows in your office.