Create Your Unique Door With Customized Components

Along with the standard styles of doors that we offer, we love giving you the option of customizing your doors, whether it be the colour or a specific part. With Dalmen Custom doors, the power is in your hands.


For over 30 years, Novatech established itself as a company that is known for quality and innovative door products. By carrying their products, we offer you customizable door options and a unique buying experience.

Novatech Products

Verre Select

Verre Select stands out from the competition with the originality and diversity of its products: decorative glass, welded and non-welded, V-Groove, silkscreen etc.

Verre Select Collection

Vitre Art

Vitre Art is a specialist in customization. We are proud to be able to distribute their products to offer customers the option of purchasing personalized stained-glass doors. Be your own designer!

Vitre Art Catalogue

Multipoint Lock

The Multipoint lock system has a combination of hooks and shoot bolts and at least three locking points, making it an innovative solution for enhanced home security and energy efficiency.

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