High-Efficiency Energy Star-Certified Hybrid Windows

The Most Efficient Hybrid Window on the Market

Embrace beautiful indoor and outdoor living with innovative products from Dalmen, ideal for any and all home or business projects!

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PVC MATERIALS Available on Unica Series Designs

Leading Energy Star® Rated Performance at an Affordable Price

  • Latest PVC extrusion forms
  • Designs are based on European Standards
  • All PVC models available in gloss finish with 4 1/2” or 5 1/4” frames with contemporary sash

The UNICA window series by Dalmen achieves NAFS-11 CW-class (Commercial Window) action, designating them for use in mid-rise, multi-family, institutional, and commercial applications.

The multiple styles available (casement, awning, fixed) and mulling capabilities allow design flexibility.

Mullion combinations are achieved by joining boxes or by structural mullions with continuous frames.

The extruded aluminum profiles on the exposed surfaces connect to a vinyl thermal insulation system with the window’s core, providing the project with aluminum surface friendliness and superior thermal performance.


Available in a Wide Variety of Colours

Exterior options

interior options



Our state-of-the-art production plant is equipped with the very best and latest technology, allowing Dalmen to offer insulating glass units of high quality and performance.


Super Spacer® is a dual seal insulating glass system. This NO-Metal, structural foam spacer clearly resists condensation, reduces energy costs, provides long-life durability and adds both comfort and value to your windows.


Doubling the barrier sealant, we minimize the risks of condensation and seal failure and ensure your peace of mind.

Saint-Gobain Glass

Planitherm® Lux Low-E Glass from Germany

Unica windows use the latest in energy-efficient glass technology. Planitherm® glass from Saint-Gobain uses proprietary production techniques and technology to capture free energy from sunlight, retaining more heat in the home on cold days. Our triple-glazed Unica windows have been engineered to keep the cold out and the heat in, maximizing solar gain for a northern Canadian climate.


Fusion-Welded Vinyl Thermal Insulation System Contributes to Maximum Air and Water Infiltration Protection


  • The UNICA sash is 63mm wide by 59mm high (2 1/2” x 2 5/16”). The GAMMA sash is 74mm wide by 41mm high (2 7/8” x 1 5/8”). Both are designed for 25mm (1”) glazing, providing maximum glass area and dual glazing with flexibility for varying glazing packages. Triple glazing also available (1 1/4”)

  • Two continuous flexible weatherstrips and a pile exterior strip provide air- and water-tightness for operating windows
  • A similar flexible weatherstrip seals to the exterior glass surfaces, minimizing water infiltration
  • A positive interior air barrier creates a pressure balance with the exterior, allowing for efficient water drainage
  • All PVC available in “Gloss Finish” 4 1/2” or 5 1/4” frame with contemporary sash
  • The aluminum frame profiles are mechanically fastened with steel screws through integrated grooves for maximum strength
  • The frames are available in 147mm (5 3/4”) and/or 167mm (6 5/8’’) to accommodate varying wall designs and installation conditions
  • The aluminum sash profiles are assembled with adjustable corner keys for a perfect fit and finish
  • Screens can be removed from the inside

*(will vary according to type of glass selected – U value with no grills)


  • The vinyl profile window thermal insulation system is in accordance with AAMA-303 standard
  • The aluminum extrusions are made of alloy and quench aluminum 6063- T5, in accordance with NAFS-08/11 standards
  • The UNICA Window Series meets the requirements of AAMA/WDMA/ CSA101/I.S.2/A440-11 standards
  • UNICA exceeds the SB-12 (Ontario Energy Code for Part 9 Buildings) S 3 points (LEED for Homes)