If you’re attached to your six pane window frames from over 25 years ago and want to keep the style you love while saving on heat and air conditioning costs, custom energy efficient windows that are Energy Star-certified are the solution for you. The great thing about energy efficient windows is that they now come in a wide variety of styles to accommodate your needs.

How it works:

Energy efficient windows are designed to help keep the warm air in, and the cold air outside where it belongs during the winter. During the warm and humid summer months, these windows will also help keep your house cool when you have the air conditioner on, reducing the need to leave it on for long hours.

The third glass is the charm

Triple glazed windows are energy efficient thanks to the third piece of glass that helps with insulation inserted between the original two, improving how windows have been commonly manufactured in the last 30 years. Triple glazed windows are Energy Star-certified, which is a symbol of high quality, environmental friendliness, and energy efficiency. You may have also seen the Energy Star logo on your refrigerator or other appliances in your home.

Argon gas

Between the glasses is Argon, a non-toxic and odourless gas that helps keep condensation and frost away. If your energy efficient windows can keep cool air from entering between the glass panes and forming condensation, they can certainly keep the drifts of air from entering and exiting your house. In turn this will help avoid fluctuations in room temperature, keeping the room at a constant temperature. this gas also helps soundproof your home.

Reduce the energy, reduce the costs

Energy Star windows boast a design that helps keep the room at a stable temperature, reducing the energy spent on heating or cooling your house. This helps keep your energy costs lower.

If you feel humid and damp in your own home, or if you see condensation in your windows, this means it is time for some new Energy Star windows to help save you money and live in a sustainable home. Contact your local window and door manufacturer to learn more about how reducing the amount of energy spent regulating your house’s temperature is a breeze with Energy Star windows.