Would it surprise you if a house was sold because it possessed gorgeous windows and doors, Ottawa?
For those of us who are not professional constructors or interior designers, it might be difficult to believe that the style of windows included in a house, or even in an apartment space, might make the difference between a sold unit, and one that remains empty for a slightly longer time.

However, architects are increasingly using design trends which ‘let the outdoors in’, statement windows in Ottawa are one of the top requests constructors get from their clients.

One of the questions often asked by new designers and even architects is whether a home should include a bay window, or a bow window. Do you know which one is which?

For specialists of windows and doors in Ottawa, the answer is fairly simple: a bay window is an arrangement of three windows, where the middle window is usually larger than its side counterparts. Some designers feel that bay windows pair exceptionally well with modern, more contemporary home designs.

If the window arrangement features more than three windows, then you are dealing with bow windows, and as a result they generally let in considerably more light and take up a much larger space. Bow window designs fit incredibly well with traditional, “Downton Abby” style residences.

What about you? Are you more a bay or bow type?

Of course, you might also want to incorporate in your design at least one window with a less traditional shape and slightly more unconventional materials, in which case you should consider what is referred to in the industry an architectural window.

Luckily, choosing an architectural window for your home does not mean you have to sacrifice energy-efficiency! On the contrary, the most reputable merchants specializing windows and doors in Ottawa also offer an entire gamut of high-quality Energy Star products for you to choose from.

If you are in the process of designing your new home, or if you are shopping for your next residence, why not take the time to notice how the window design and construction seems to affect your decision?

As I enjoy sipping tea on my balcony on calm summer nights, I often look at my open French doors and wondered how on earth I would ever be happier with m home. It doesn’t take much, sometimes it’s just knowing your bay from your bow windows!