Did you know the best lighting for your home is actually sunlight? Aside from providing optimal illumination, sunlight also helps keeps our homes healthy. As a natural disinfectant, natural lighting and fresh air can reduce the production of harmful bacteria. In terms of design, window companies understand how windows can also serve as canvasses for décor and architectural design. To enhance your home using custom windows, here are a few design options:

A Window Wall

If you’re all about that natural lighting, let window companies introduce you to the window wall. With floor-to-ceiling glass and windows, a window wall offers maximum brightness and a great view to boot!

Where to draw inspiration from: Ottawa’s Shaw Centre (find it on Colonel By Drive).

Bay Windows

Window companies are no strangers to bay windows and their popularity is certainly not unwarranted. Custom bay windows can enhance a room by adding cozy alcoves, window seats, extra storage and more!

Where to draw inspiration from: This imperial example.

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Stained Glass Windows

If you’re looking to combine art and architecture, look no further than stained glass windows. It’s an elegant way to add colour and liveliness to your design. Bonus? You’ll get a different look every hour of the day. Depending on the position of the sun, your stained glass custom windows may appear brighter or darker.

Where to draw inspiration from: You’ll find intricate stained glass at most churches in Ottawa. Take inspiration from these, but remember you can always take a more simple and modern approach.

Entryway Custom Windows

Your entryway is the first thing guests see when they visit your home. Having stylish custom windows can help make an architectural statement and a good first impression.

Where to draw inspiration from: This elegant example.

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Skylights help illuminate a home without sacrificing privacy and taking up wall space. They can also help brighten up a home, provide a sky view and add length to the interior.

Where to draw inspiration from: The clear blue sky above us!

Dormer Windows

Window companies know dormer windows are multifunctioning. They help break up large expanses of shingling, add height and serve as an additional architectural element.

Where to draw inspiration from: Ottawa’s Archbishop Palace (find it on St. Patrick Street).

In addition to providing optimal lighting to your home, custom windows also provide a multitude of exciting design opportunities. There are many window companies in Ottawa, choosing the right one can help your turn your design dreams into a reality.