What You Need to Know to Make a Great Window Sale in Ottawa

The sun is staying out later and later, and Canadians are throwing open their windows. Ottawa residents in particular are more than ready to push back the curtains to let in some light and fresh air. This is the time of year where most Ottawa home owners take a good look at their windows and doors, and think about sprucing things up a bit. One of the latest and greatest advances in window technology is Low-E (Low-Emissivity) glass. More and more Ottawa window retailers are feeling the demand for this type of glass. So if your business doesn’t offer Low-E glass, it’s time to consider stocking up—but before you start selling Low-E glass products in your store, here are a few facts that will help you get to know your new product:

The first question an unfamiliar customer may ask is, “What is Low-E glass?” It’s important that you and your employees know the answer! The “E” in Low-E stands for emissivity. Emissivity refers to a material’s ability to allow heat in the form of infrared energy to pass through. Reflective materials have a low emissivity, because they deflect heat, keeping things cool, while solid materials in dark colours, such as pavement, have a high emissivity. This means they retain heat, raising their temperature through exposure.

Low-E glass is manufactured by adding microscopic layers of reflective material to the glass—it’s as simple as that. Because of that extra layer, the window is now able to repel infrared heat, keeping it out in the summer and in during the winter. This helps to naturally regulate a home’s internal temperature, making it more energy-efficient by taking pressure off of heating and cooling appliances.

The next question your customer may ask is, “Why should I buy Low-E windows?” The answer is simple: comfort and savings. As we mentioned above, Low-E windows reduce your reliance on heating and cooling appliances. The regulated air being produced in your home will be kept in place by the Low-E coating, as opposed to being absorbed or released by the glass itself. This will save them money by not having to constantly adjust their appliances, and keep their home comfortably regulated all year round.

Knowing your products and the real benefits they offer customers thoroughly is key for any window company. Customers are more willing to purchase a product from a well-informed sales rep, because it makes them feel that they can trust you, and that they know exactly what they’re buying. By memorizing these facts about Low-E windows, you and your employees are empowered to up-sell this high-in-demand product.