Window Manufacturers in Ontario Share Tips for a Highly Efficient Home

Homeowners are becoming more and more conscious of their impact on the environment and their carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon you release into the atmosphere based on your lifestyle. This footprint is used to judge how eco-friendly certain products and actions are, so you can identify areas for improvement. For most, the highest impact on their carbon footprint is their home or vehicle. Below, window manufacturers in Ontario share four easy ways that you can reduce the environmental impact of your home.

Use ENERGY STAR Products

ENERGY STAR is a program that allows homeowners to easily identify energy-efficient products and appliances. This lets homeowners make informed decisions on the appliances and products they use in their home. Windows and doors are a great place to start with any home. Old or poorly-installed windows can leak hot air in the winter and cool air in the summer, putting more strain on your heating and cooling system to maintain the temperature of your home. By installing ENERGY STAR-certified products, you’ll be protected from the elements, lower the stress on your HVAC system, and lower your monthly bills.

Go Local

When you select products that are made close to your home, you are limiting the distance it needs to travel to get to you, lowering the product’s carbon footprint. For example if you live in Ottawa and need to replace your home’s window, consider the benefit of buying from a window manufacturer in Ontario. Not only are you limiting the greenhouse gas emissions associated with delivering your windows, but you’re also supporting your local economy.

Install Triple-Glazed Windows

When it comes to windows, you want to have the best quality and energy efficiency possible. Triple-glazed windows have three panes of glass separated by inert gas to lower the amount of heat and UV light transferred through them. This protects your home from the elements and helps keep your home comfortable all year round.

Form Good Habits

Your daily habits can really dictate how eco-friendly your home is. Simple things like leaving lights and electronics on have an impact on the amount of energy used in your home. Ontario window manufacturers recommend getting into the habit of preforming seasonal checks on your windows and doors to catch small issues before they become major. You can also set your thermostat lower in the winter and higher in the summer so your HVAC system doesn’t need to run as often.

Reducing your carbon footprint and increasing the energy efficiency of your home is good for the environment and your wallet. By using high efficiency products like triple-glazed windows, locally sourced materials, and forming good habits you’ll be protecting the environment, supporting your neighbors, and saving money all at the same time.