Retailers of Windows and Doors in Ottawa Can Go Above and Beyond with a Great Warranty

As a retailer of windows and doors in Ottawa, you don’t have control over what the manufacturer guarantees in a warranty. But you do have control over which products you carry, and the quality of those products is often reflected in the warranties that they carry. For this reason, you can judge the quality that you are providing to your customers by this standard. And because your business’s success is built largely on the quality of the products and services you provide, this yardstick is an invaluable asset to your business. Here’s why a good warranty matters:

It’s an Indicator of the Manufacturer’s Faith in Their Product

Manufacturers don’t just decide to warrant a product for a certain, arbitrary amount of time because that’s how long they happen to feel like being nice for. A warranty is actually carefully formulated between the engineers that produce the products, and the manufacturer’s lawyers. Ottawa window and door manufacturers warrant their products for the amount of time that they are confident a majority of them will last for. So a short warranty is less a sign of a company being cheap than it is of a product not likely to last long. While obviously different types of products—windows, doors, hardware, frames, et cetera—will have different lifespans, carrying a product with a superior warranty often means carrying a superior product.

It’s a Guarantee

The other value of a warranty is that it guarantees the product for the expected lifespan. Now, in different cases, this will mean different things—there are warranties for parts, for labour, for hardware, and more, so make sure you take the time to go over the fine print with your customers, especially if there are certain operating conditions which would void the warranty. But should their windows and doors fail before that time has passed, they can rest that much more easily knowing that they will have full or partial coverage. That is more than just value—it’s peace of mind.

It’s a Sign of Your Commitment

For all intents and purposes, you are the conduit between the manufacturer and the customer—while you had no hand in manufacturing these windows and doors in Ottawa, their quality will still reflect on you. When you go above and beyond to provide the best products for your customers, that demonstrates how committed you are to meeting their needs. And by including products that carry the best warranties, you’re taking that commitment to the next level.