Window Manufacturers in Ontario Share the Secrets of What Goes into the Best Windows for Consumers

Energy efficiency is more than just a trend in new window technology—it’s a standard that all new windows and doors are being held up to. Window manufacturers in Ontario are using all the latest technological innovations to design products that work harder than ever to regulate temperatures, using coated glass, gas-filled spacers, aluminum, PVC, and hybrid frames, cutting-edge insulation, and more. Many of these windows receive the coveted ENERGY STAR® rating, which assures retailers and consumers alike that they meet an internationally-recognized standard for energy efficiency and value for homeowners.

So how are the most energy-efficient windows on the market made? It’s a multi-step process that integrates new and emerging technologies with tried and tested craftsmanship:


You can’t just stick any piece of glass in a frame and call it a window—quality is needed, and window manufacturers in Ontario often use glass that has been treated with special coating to stymie infrared heat transfer, even on the sunniest days. Low-E (low-emissivity) glass is made by layering the glass with microscopic reflective materials that enhance its ability to reflect light.

Double- and Triple-Glazed

Many ENERGY STAR® windows are either double-glazed or triple-glazed, and for good reason. As the panes are sealed together, the spaces between them are filled with argon gas, which is inert and inhibits the transfer of heat, making it a perfect insulator. They are then sealed along the edges, first with structural foam to maintain the spacer width, then with a multi-layer vapour barrier, an acrylic seal, and finally a barrier sealant to keep everything in. This design prevents gas from escaping and also makes them resistant to condensation.

Cutting-Edge Hybrid Frames

Wooden frames are out, and vinyl and aluminum have rushed in to take its place. So which is better? To answer one question with another… why not both? Window manufacturers in Ontario produce aluminum-vinyl hybrid frames in all shapes and sizes, using a sturdy PVC skeleton to provide reliable insulation, encased in aluminum that allows for flexibility in design and aesthetics while complementing the structural strength. With air-tight weather stripping, hand-installed hardware, designed for efficient water evacuation, and available with every kind of energy-efficient pane your customers could ever want, hybrid is the way to go to keep ahead of the curve.

The key to quality is two-fold: exceptional materials, and masterful production. When you combine these two factors, there’s no limit to what you can create, and energy-efficient windows are no exception. Look for these signs of quality when selecting ENERGY STAR® windows to carry, and you’ll never go wrong.