Understanding the Value and Benefit of Energy-Efficient Custom Windows

For many consumers, the ENERGY STAR® symbol is as familiar as a face they’ve known for years. From popping up on computer monitors as they booted up back in the 90s to the sticker found on many modern appliances today, the symbol has become widespread as a trusted indicator of energy efficiency. But when you sell ENERGY STAR® windows, you can’t just assume that everyone knows what that label means. Some consumers have seen it but never stopped to give it a second thought, while others may be entirely new to it altogether. The best tool for you when selling energy-efficient custom windows is knowledge. You and your sales team need to understand the importance and the value of ENERGY STAR® products, so that you can answer any and all questions that your customers might put to you. Helping your customers make informed decisions about their purchases can make a difference not only in their lives, but in the environment.


The ENERGY STAR® certification was first introduced in 1992 in the United States to label computers and monitors as being energy-efficient in design. It has since been adopted by other countries, and now encompasses a large array of products, including appliances, entertainment, lighting, HVAC equipment, and, of course, windows and doors.

On Custom Windows

ENERGY STAR® windows are those that have been tested for energy efficiency and found to meet a high standard. This means that they are not only designed to help keep people’s homes climate-controlled while reducing the amount of energy required to do so, but that they do an exceptional job at it! Technologies such as Low-E glass, double- and triple-glazing, and vinyl-aluminum hybrid window frames are examples of how window manufacturers design their products to meet these qualifications. These features make the windows not only well-insulated, but can even reduce the heat gained from sun exposure without actually limiting the light allowed through.

Their Value to Homeowners

It’s not enough to tell customers that an ENERGY STAR® product is going to be a better investment for their home—you need to be able to explain why. By demonstrating your knowledge of how a product earns an ENERGY STAR® rating and explaining how these products work to not only save money but reduce a home’s impact on the environment, you’re not just telling your customers why these products are great; you’re showing them.

Selling ENERGY STAR® Windows

By ensuring that your sales staff is familiar with the products that you carry, and are able to fluently demonstrate the value of these products to customers, you’ll have no problem selling energy-efficient custom windows!