Follow these guidelines and your choice will be crystal clear!

When it comes to window companies, it can be hard to determine which one is the best choice. Whether you’re looking for something sturdy and functional, or something to brighten up your space, there are a few things to consider before making your final choice.


Providing the best possible products for your customers while keeping costs as low as possible requires careful consideration.. When choosing your window manufacturer, make sure to ask for quotes for each type of window they offer, and then compare them based on design and function. Some of the most functional and popular options are also the most affordable!

Durability & Functionality

The glass used to make your window products can have a serious impact on its efficiency. It’s good to get an idea of what the different types of glass a window manufacturer has to offer, so you can then narrow down your design options. ClimaGuard glass and triple glazed glass, for instance, are particularly pragmatic choices here in Canada because they are insulated and reflective, which will also reduce energy costs while still letting in natural light and brightening up your space.

Aesthetic Appeal

When you choose a new window company, you don’t just want to offer your customers windows that allow natural light to flood into their space. Customers will also want to frame it perfectly. Some spaces are designed for large, picturesque windows, while some others are more utilitarian, meant for smaller, more functional windows. Most window manufacturers in Canada offer a range of different types of windows, from casement and awning windows with hinges, to sliders and hung windows that shift to open, and architectural windows that remain fixed and closed. The type of glass used can also have a great impact on the look of your windows. If you’re not sure which type is most appropriate, ask your window manufacturer for an appraisal.

Safety Concerns & Warranties

Window manufacturers in Canada are very concerned with the safety and satisfaction of their clients. Making sure your windows are made of the highest quality glass should be a priority, and it will also ensure they last as long as possible. If a company offers Energy Star windows, they are a solid investment worth considering, as they are renowned for their high quality and environmental efficiency.

Accidents happen! To ensure that you have significant coverage, some Canadian window manufacturers also offer a range of warranty options to guarantee their customers will be happy with their purchase, no matter what life may throw at you – or your windows.