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French doors are hinged double doors with windows that can be used for the interior or exterior of a home. Customers looking for doors and windows in Ottawa enjoy the simplicity and sophisticated style of French doors, as they can be a great accent feature both inside and outside of the home. Here are five features of French doors that appeal to contractors and home owners.

1) Options and styles to fit the customer’s needs

French doors are versatile option for a customer’s home because they are available in a variety of styles that can fit with any décor. With options for windows in the doors, different glass pane sizes, and placement, you can customize the style to your client’s needs. You also have the ability to decide how the door will open. Will you install a hinge door (that swings towards the interior or exterior of the home), folding door, or sliding door? Lots of options are available to select the perfect door for your customer’s space.

2) Provide a visual link to outdoor space

You can create a great visual link between your outdoor and indoor space using French doors. French doors are commonly used to provide a grand access point to patios, gardens, and balconies rather than front doors. This increases the amount of natural light in the room and acts as a focal point allowing you to enjoy the outdoors even if it’s too hot or cold to be outside.

3) Formalize separation between rooms

For interiors, French doors are used to separate adjoining rooms while also allowing light to flow from one room into another. Often used for offices, dining rooms, and sitting rooms in homes, they allow customers to restrict the noise, heat, and access to the space.

4) Small scale renovation with a large impact

Adding French doors to the exterior of your client’s home is an easy way to increase the curb appeal and natural light in the home without running up a large bill and taking up a lot of time. This makes French doors a popular window and door upgrade in Ottawa with a large impact on the aesthetic and atmosphere of a home.

Ottawa window and door providers are able to customize French doors to fit the budget and style of clients allowing for a higher rate of customer satisfaction making this accent feature great offering for any company.