Products from the Best Window Companies in Canada Set New Trends

The home is a place that sees continuous improvements. Designing a whole new kitchen, renovating an entire room, painting the whole house, or replacing carpeting with hardwood are all jobs that come to mind. But you must also remember the parts that help keep your home cool and stylish—your windows, and the blinds and shutters that cover them. Check out our list of some of the top trends developed by window companies.

Automatic Technologies

Did you know that you automatic blinds and shades are now more technologically advanced than ever? New technologies for motorization—such as battery-powered models—make them easy to operate and maintain. Some brands even let you control your window coverings from your smartphone or tablet!

New Safety Standards

The cord that dangles from blinds and shades can be a danger to your child or pet. Window treatments that employ a safe alternative are now a standard in the practice rather than an upgrade. Many of these coverings have done away with the cords altogether. Although Cord-free options used to cause problems such as bunching or becoming stuck—which would require some hefty repairs—new advances in the technology allow for easy, stress-free use. See a window company for your options.

2-in-1 Window Designs

Some window treatments offer privacy during the day and can even block out light whenever you choose—this is a convenient trend, especially for those who like to sleep in on weekends, and one that won’t be done away with any time soon! Available in a wide variety of configurations, such as motorized, and in a range of colours, these 2-in-1 designs are a no-brainer. Talk to a window company to fulfill your window covering needs.

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficiency is here to stay. Designs tend to incorporate functionality that will keep your your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You can also get outside shutters and blinds which will aid in protecting your home from the sun’s rays at the same time as preventing heat from escaping during the cooler months. and as a bonus, energy efficient blinds and shades have come a long way in the design department, now available in as many styles and colours as regular blinds. When used together with energy-efficient windows, they help create both comfort and savings for your home. See a window company near you for more energy-saving windows and coverings.

Design is only one layer that your window coverings can offer to your home. Increased functionality now goes hand-in-hand with beautiful blinds and sultry shades. Visit a window manufacturer in Canada to outfit your home with beautiful new energy-efficient windows and the right coverings for each.