Double-Hung Units from Canada’s Window and Door Manufacturers Offer Exceptional Value to Your Customers

Hung windows—and especially double-hung models—have changed a lot since previous generations. These were once one of the most popular options for windows and doors in Ottawa homes. Chances are, if you or your customers grew up in the area, at one point you saw these distinctive windows, which open vertically, in old, clunky wooden frames with paint flaking off of them, perhaps with a two-by-four resting nearby, ready to prop it open on a warm day to let a breeze through. Oh, how the times have changed. Stocking modern hung and double-hung windows by Canada’s window manufacturers is a great way to provide exceptional value to today’s customers in a familiar way. Here’s why:

Modern Features

Unlike your grandparents’ hung windows, today’s models are made with modern techniques and durable materials meant to last. Gone is the wood—which tended to swell in humidity, making it a poor choice for windows and doors in Ottawa, a notoriously humid city—and now, materials like aluminum and PVC are used, along with double- and triple-glazed panes of glass. These panes have an insulating effect, which adds to a home’s energy efficiency, and can save your customers money in the long run—not to mention making their homes cozier in the winter.

Great Ventilation

Hung windows have been popular for years because they can easily be opened for better air flow—and today’s double-hung units build on this advantage, taking it to the next level. A double-hung unit from a trusted window manufacturer in Canada opens from both the top and the bottom. By opening both simultaneously, customers can create a cross-breeze in their home, letting cool air in while warm air escapes. And if they have young children, they can easily just open the top half for all-day ventilation, while the opening is high enough that curious hands can’t reach.

Perfect for Air Conditioners

While many homeowners prefer central air, landlords of older rental properties, apartment buildings, and walk-ups tend not install forced-air systems as the infrastructure is not there to do so. When they are replacing windows in their rental units, they may prefer to buy double-hung units that allow tenants to install air-conditioning units with relative ease compared to other popular styles.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Another great reason anyone who sells windows and doors in Ottawa should carry double-hung windows is that they are incredibly convenient to maintain. Many modern units can even rotate, allowing the outside to be cleaned from the inside, ensuring the window continues to look great for years to come. And if they begin to get stuck, often customers can simply remove the sash from the frame, clean out and lubricate the track, and reinsert it.

Offer your customers exceptional value with a double-hung window that boasts all of these benefits and more, produced locally by window manufacturers in Canada.