These Tips From Window Manufacturers in Ontario Will Leave Your Windows Sparkling Year-Round

You may polish your windows from the inside on a regular basis, but in order to keep your windows looking their best, you must also clean them on the outside from time to time. Window manufacturers in Ontario often recommend cleaning the outdoor areas of windows twice a year: once in the spring to remove winter dirt buildup, and once in the fall before temperatures drop below freezing. In addition, there are some specific techniques that can help you maintain the cleanliness of Ottawa windows between cleanings:

Wait for a Cloudy Day

If you are considering a date and time to wash your windows, most window manufacturers in Ontario will tell you to wait for a day when the sun isn’t out, or to do it in the early evening. Direct sunlight will dry the windows really quickly after they are cleaned, causing some serious streaking. So as you prepare to clean your windows from the outside, keep an eye on the weather report in Ottawa, and get ready to window wash when the sun goes behind the clouds.

Brush off the Dirt

Before you put any glass cleaner on your outdoor windows, sweep the windows with your broom or a small handled brush. It is especially important to start with this step when you are cleaning your Ottawa windows after the winter season. The reason for this recommendation is that the outside surfaces of windows collect a lot of loose dirt, and the build-up is likely to stick to your sponge or polishing rag, resulting in a muddy mess and smeared glass.

Sponge the Windows Down

The best way to get your outdoor windows clean is to create a solution of soap and warm water in a bucket, adding a couple tablespoons of vinegar if the windows are especially dirty. Next, take a sponge and apply the cleaning solution over the entire glass surface of the windows, rubbing the sponge to dislodge dirt and grime.

Use a Squeegee

To remove the cleaning solution and built-up dirt, the next step is to squeegee the windows. To squeegee like a pro, begin at the top of your windows and then squeegee horizontally, working your way down each window in an s-pattern. You can also wipe the squeegee edge after each pass to avoid streaks. For the best results and to protect the glass of your Ottawa windows, window manufacturers in Ontario recommend that you use a squeegee with a soft rubber edge.

Buff to Shine

After finishing with the squeegee, polish the windows with a microfiber cloth to remove any excess water. For your last step, an industry trick for window manufacturers in Ontario is to buff the glass to a high shine with a piece of newspaper. The benefit of using newspaper on Ottawa windows is two-fold: the ink gives the glass extra shine, and it also leaves a film that will resist dirt build-up.