How to Find the Best Warranty for Your Customers’ Ottawa Windows

Ottawa windows are an investment to a property and that investment needs protection. That’s why a warranty from window manufacturers in Ontario is important when purchasing, installing or replacing windows. Customers are always on the lookout for a window warranty from a reputable company that will take care of issues with their windows when something goes wrong. If it is covered by the warranty then they won’t have to pay, which enhances your company’s public image. Customers will want to work with Ottawa windows installers they can trust. When you can offer solutions to problems 10, 15 or 20 years down the road, your customers will appreciate it and new customers will likely come to you.

How long is the warranty for?

“Lifetime” is a loaded word and could mean anything. Does it mean the lifetime of the product, your lifetime or the lifetime of the company? Customer may be wary of any window manufacturer’s Ontario warranty that offers a “lifetime guarantee”. They will choose whether they want to go with a company that offers long warranties or short warranties—a company that offers a short warranty, such as two or three year, may do so because they think the products will only last a short while. There will also be considerations about the transferability of the warranty on to the next tenant or owner.

What does it cover?

Even when customers buy the best windows money could buy from window manufacturers in Ontario, things can still go wrong. Most warranties cover defects from the manufacturer, bad performance, wonky installation and premature cracking or warping. If they’re getting the windows newly installed, they will want the warranty to cover the windows and the labour..

What are the conditions?

Your customers will ask Ottawa windows professionals like yourself many questions about the warranties you offer for different products and installations. A good company will be more concerned with making customers happy than how much the repairs will cost. For some buyers, the decision of which window manufacturers Ontario company to go with may not be completely contingent on the warranties offered (there are other factors to consider when choosing Ottawa windows), but a good warranty will save your clients money and time.

Warranties are incredibly important when it comes to purchasing decisions. Purchasing windows from a manufacturer that offers an extensive warranty will show your customers that you are committed to ensuring their satisfaction.