A Look at the Latest Advances

The advances we have made in technology are absolutely astounding. Modern-day conveniences are becoming commonplace for many products, and windows are no exception.

Many features are still in development stages or require fine-tuning, however, high-tech solutions are making huge strides when it comes to technology.

In this article, we explore some of the new technologies that are taking the commercial window industry by storm.


Commercial properties require a different glazing process than residential windows. More glass is required, and a much more complex installation process is necessary. The benefits of commercial glazing include offering more natural light, which reduces the need for more artificial lighting. Another advantage is far better thermal insulation, which larger buildings are susceptible to when it comes to energy loss. Commercial glazing offers increased heat insulation and absorbs natural light for better heating.


Electrochromic Glazing

Electrochromic technology currently allows windows to tint on demand. This technology has been used in airplane windows for several years, but tweaks to this technology are gaining significant improvements. This technology can virtually eliminate the need for blinds or drapes and can take the harsh effects of the sun and render them harmless. This technology can also offer significant energy savings and make the space far more comfortable. Heat from windows is a very common complaint amongst employees in commercial buildings. The heat generated from these large windows can cause significant temperature shifts in the office. Glazing is a process that can make a significant difference in the comfort and productivity of employees.

Thermochromic Glazing

The ultimate energy efficiency requires no electricity. As its name suggests, these clear thermochromic windows boast tinting filters triggered with rises in temperature from the heat of the sun, resulting in a dimmer colour that can block glare and UV damage. It also provides an overall cooling effect, making employees far more comfortable.

Solar and Bird Friendly Windows

Technology in windows these days can do everything from generating solar power to prevent birds from flying into windows. The sound of birds mistaking the glare for open-air are becoming a thing of the past, and windows are taking advantage of the sun’s glare to create energy. It’s quite remarkable.

Solar-Harvesting Windows

We’ve seen solar panels on roofs. Now imagine capturing the harsh afternoon sun through windows in the peak of summer to use as a power source. Especially on commercial buildings that are covered in windows. That day has come in a way that is not even visible to the naked eye. Solar is making great strides with the hopes that we will one day be able to obtain solar power from everyday items that are exposed to the sun, such as windows.

Bird-Friendly Windows

Window collisions are the biggest cause of bird deaths next to attacks from felines. Transparent and reflective windows mean that birds are unable to recognize them as barriers, resulting in unfortunate and unreasonable fatalities. Birds are particularly prone to crashing through reflective glass windows when there are nearby trees and a clear sky above. New technology is emerging, which adds a special pattern made of UV reflective coating, which can be seen by all kinds of birds whilst keeping windows aesthetically pleasing and transparent to the human eye.

Other Technologies

There are several other technologies that are either available or in the process of being created. Let’s explore some of them.

Verre Evolv

This technology surpasses the median percentage for energy efficiency, offering triple glass performance, enhanced efficiency and better light transparency.

Integrated Photovoltaics

This technology involves systems that are seamlessly integrated into building components such as facades, roofs or windows. These systems convert solar energy into electricity and provide further protection from the weather, offer thermal insulation, noise protection, and safety.

Evolution Transformed

When it comes to energy consumption, windows can be the weakest link. Summer months mean solar heat through windows and higher energy costs. Windows are a vital component in making spaces more comfortable. Today’s technologies allow for far greater efficiencies. Make sure to reach out to your local window supplier to get the scoop on all of the latest technologies prior to making your decision.