Your Guide to the Windows and Doors of the Future

While 2019 brought us a Scandinavian-inspired neutral look with classic black window frames, 2021 will be bringing similar looks with new opportunities to add character and unique design aesthetics. It’s an exciting time for doors and windows, and these new looks are transforming the way homes look.

In this article, we explore some trends for 2021 to look out for and incorporate into your home design.


First, let’s look at the door trends for this year to help you with the decision-making process. Some trends trickle into the new year while others are out, and new ones are brought in to add new looks and new life to homes.

Doors can have a huge impact on your home, and selecting the right fit is important. Are you looking to make a bold statement, or do you prefer to keep things simple and clean looking? The colour of your door can say a whole lot and so can its style. Let’s look at some of the best looks for 2021.


Modern Entry Doors are Trending

Smooth horizontal wood panels have gained a contemporary update. Add a silky black handle guard running from top to bottom, and you have a winning modern design whilst keeping the classic look of wood paneling. This look gives off a modern 60’s look creating warmth with natural textures and bold hardware.

The Large Terrace Door Trend

Oversized patio doors are having a huge impact on design and completely upgrading the look of homes everywhere. Between a better connection with the outdoors, incorporating more light into your home and creating a space for maximum airflow, large terrace doors are sure to add a wow factor to your space. Not only does this look turn heads, but it also actually creates the added benefit of creating more space for all that new furniture you may be wanting to move into your home to go with your beautiful new doors.


Stylized Garage Doors

Curb appeal can add significant value to your home, and garage doors are not something to overlook. Between different colours to choose from and choosing bold and modern designs, your garage door can transform the look of your home. Real wood garage doors are huge right now. While steel and fibreglass doors are more energy-efficient, wood doors can add a level of sophistication that can’t be achieved with other materials. This is one to seriously consider if you want to make a bold statement.


Windows can speak volumes when it comes to your style and the look of your home. This years’ trends are bringing us back to nature with black continuing to trend heavily, new takes on bay windows and glass extensions, these trends are sure to make your decision fun to make. One thing that remains consistent every year is energy efficiency. This is another important factor to consider since it will significantly impact the warmth and coolness your home offers throughout the varying seasons.


Low-key Windows Are All the Rage

Lower-key designs are making a huge comeback. Gone are the days where complex designs were the popular choice. People are opting for simplicity and cleaner looks. Think picture-windows rather than heavily paned designs. The clearer the view, the better the look.

Adding Colour to Your Life

Designers are trending away from the monochromatic look and choosing bold colours as a dramatic approach. Whether it’s emerald green, blues, mustard yellows, and purple, all of these colours are in the spotlight at the moment. Once almost taboo, colour is making a huge comeback in areas where it may not have been considered.

The Popularity of Eco-Friendly Products

This is as trendy as the look of your window itself. Selecting the right kind of energy-efficient window and window glass can not only save you money in the long run, but it is also far better for the environment. Choose a type of glass that helps windows retain heat in the winter and reflect heat in the summer.


The Takeaway

All in all, there are choices available for every preference. You can choose to go classic or trends, and ultimately, it depends on the look you’re after. Choose windows and doors that will enhance the look of your space both indoors and outdoors. Your local door and window suppliers are sure to have additional tips to help you make your choice and can provide you with a wealth of information.