Taking Care of Windows in Ottawa’s Climate is Especially Important

In Ottawa, windows really have their work cut out for them. As much as we love our beautiful city, its climate is uniquely temperamental—hot, humid summer, cold, dry winters, and springs and autumns prone to rapid temperature fluctuations. For even the toughest windows, Ottawa can really push them to their limits. To get the most out of your windows, and to ensure that they continue keeping your home secure from the elements for years to come, regular maintenance and upkeep isn’t just recommended, but often necessary.

Regular Inspections

Many experts will tell you to annually inspect your windows. Ottawa residents, however, may benefit from bi-annually inspecting the windows in their home: once as they get ready for winter, and then again as they get ready for summer. If you have double- or triple-glazed energy-efficient windows, then start by checking for moisture between the panes. If you detect any moisture buildup at all, this can point to a leak in the window’s sealing, meaning that its ability to insulate your home has been compromised. If it’s beyond your ability to fix, call a local Ottawa windows and doors supplier immediately to help reseal it.

Before it starts getting cold, check your weather stripping. Try holding a lit match near it on a windy day to see how much air is coming through. You can also check your caulking at any time of year—caulk doesn’t last forever, but it’s an easy fix that can keep unwanted moisture and insects out.

Keep It Clean

While not technically a part of ensuring the long life of your windows, Ottawa throws a lot of rain, snow, and more at our windows, and keeping them clean is a good practice to get into. It’s also a great way to spot potential issues before they become major problems. When cleaning the outsides of windows, remember to always make safety your highest priority, especially with cleaning on higher floors.

Always Fix It Now, Not Later

Whether during an inspection, a cleaning, or at any other time, if you find an issue with your windows, fixing it sooner rather than later will save you money and effort down the line. Most problems start out small and then get bigger, so the sooner you fix it, the less hassle it will be. Whether it’s a leak in the sealing or caulk, a warped frame, a broken mechanism, or cracks in the glass, it will pay off in the long run to not put it off. Whether it’s a trip to the store for fresh caulk or a call to your local Ottawa windows and doors specialist, you’ll be glad you fixed it sooner.