What You Need to Know About Energy Efficient Windows in Ottawa

Windows and doors in Ottawa are designed in such a way that they balance the air temperature accordingly for the area’s change of seasons. Our homes must be able to withstand the cold and snowy winters, as well as keep us cool during the hot summer months. Triple glazed windows, which are energy efficient, are just the right charm for your home in Ottawa. Here are five important facts about these windows that you should know:

The third piece of glass seals the deal

Do you live near a public school, or a noisy highway? No problem! Simply put, triple glazed windows contain three pieces of glass that are layered in the window. While double-glazed windows have been around for several decades now, reducing the amount of noise pollution entering the house, three windowpanes are the next improvement for noise pollution.

Energy efficient windows

Because of the many benefits of triple glazed windows, these types of windows are Energy Star-certified. Windows become certified as energy efficient based on five criteria including heat protection, visibility, and air leakage. Click here to learn more about how windows become certified as energy efficient.

Comfort in the home

New and improved triple windowpanes are all about comfort inside your home. Windows and doors in Ottawa should be glazed and insulated at the same level as the rest of your home. This will prevent cold spots from developing during the night, and will ensure that you have a constant and stable room temperature in your home.

Reduced condensation

It is inconvenient look out of blurry windows because of built up condensation between the windowpanes. Besides, only window professionals are able to clean up this unwanted condensation and it can be costly. Double-glazed windows are likely to accumulate condensation. On the other hand, three windowpanes help to reduce the amount of condensation, thus contributing to both a clear looking window and sealed indoor air.

No more heat loss

Windows are generally the most common way that heat escapes the house. With new windows and doors in Ottawa, and especially with triple glazed windows and securely insulated window frames, you can prevent the heat from escaping, thus reducing the amount of wasted energy.

If you’re interested in learning more about triple glazed windows, contact your windows and doors specialists in Ottawa today!