How triple-glazed windows will help cut down on energy costs while keeping your business cool during the hot summer months

With summer in full swing, businesses are turning on their air conditioning (AC) systems. While you might be hesitant to use your AC due to high energy costs, there are steps you can take to reduce heat from entering your business, conserve energy, and cut down on cooling costs. Well-insulated windows, such as triple-glazed windows, help businesses conserve energy both in the winter and summer, making them ideal window solutions for Canada’s fluctuating temperatures. Replacing old windows with triple-glazed windows will certainly help to keep your business cool this summer without putting a strain on your AC.


Since triple-glazed windows have a third pane, they provide better energy performance and insulation compared to double-glazed (two-pane) windows. This additional insulation will help keep the cool air in and the hot air out this summer. New windows will also ensure there are no drafts in and around the windows. This added insulation will ensure that your AC isn’t working in overdrive during peak times and racking up your energy costs.


To avoid the sun’s heat from entering your windows and heating up your business, you might choose to close your curtains during the day. While this is a good solution for keeping the heat out, it’s not the most inviting look for storefronts. Energy Star triple-glazed windows are manufactured to reduce solar heat gain—the amount of solar heat that passes through window panes. So by using these energy-efficient windows, you can keep your business cool without having to close the curtains for most of the day.


The additional insulation and contemporary design of triple-glazed windows also prevents moisture from building up on the window panes. Moisture tends to build up from condensation and humidity, and when moisture enters through windows, it can make a room feel damp and humid. On hot, humid days, your AC will already be combating the humidity in the air, so it’s important to keep moisture from entering through your windows and reduce the extra energy consumption needed with your AC.

Although running an AC can be costly and places a strain on our energy grid, especially during peak times on the hot, humid summer days, you can reduce your AC’s energy consumption with energy-efficient triple-glazed windows. A well-running AC system that isn’t overworked will cut your energy costs while keeping your business at a cool and comfortable temperature. You, your staff, and your customers will be more comfortable inside your business, and some customers may even stay a while to escape the heat.