These elegant window designs can be custom-made by quality window manufacturers

Although they appear very similar, there are differences between bay and bow windows. However, the customizable options for these two designs can make them both well-suited to many interior and exterior design needs. The installation of bay and bow windows from quality window manufacturers will certainly boost curb appeal for any home or storefront, making these windows leaders for elegance and style.

Both bay and bow windows have a 180-degree arch that provides a wider view of the outdoors. These windows are both excellent options for views of gardens, trees, water, skylines, or any view worth accentuating. Bay and bow windows also protrude from the wall, providing a more unobstructed view of the outdoors while also opening up the room and making it feel larger. The additional space from these windows is great for window seats, day beds, desks, potted plants, or storefront window displays.


Bay windows use three window panels—typically one large window panel in the centre, and two smaller windows panels—called flankers—on each side of the centre window panel. The flankers are normally angled at between 30 to 40 degrees. Often, the centre window panel is fixed (cannot open), while the flankers are either fixed, or double-hung windows—can be opened from the top and bottom to provide better insulation in a room.


Bow windows typically use four to six window panels, and are aligned to be more curved than bay windows. Bow window panels can be fixed, can be functioning windows that open, or can be a combination of both. When adding window panels that open, bow windows provide even more ventilation with the additional windows used for this design.

However, since bow windows typically have more window panels and more hardware, the view from these windows tend to be more obstructed from the window materials than with bay windows. But bow windows still provide extra space and an elegant look to any building or storefront.

The choice between bay windows and bow windows is a matter of design preference—whether customers want a curved look or a more sharp-angled look. Both types of windows offer excellent views and elegant styles, while also opening up rooms and providing extra space. For homes, bay and bow windows will provide an ideal space for many interior design options and boost home value. For businesses, these windows provide an inviting, elegant storefront that is ideal for window displays. The various custom-design options for bay and bow windows that are available from quality window manufacturers can give window customers exactly what they’re looking for when it comes to installing these elegant and stylish windows.