Why Triple-Glazed Windows From Quality Manufacturers Are Ideal For Canadian Winters

During the fall, many Canadian homeowners inspect and prepare their homes for the upcoming chilly winter season. Proper insulation is the most important factor for keeping a home warm, reducing energy bills, and avoiding winter damage to the home. A well-insulated home will make a huge difference during the winter chill. Properly insulated attics, basements, doors, and windows will go a long way. To beat drafty windows, though, your best bet is to invest in triple-glazed windows.

Triple-glazed windows from quality window manufacturers in Canada are just the thing homeowners are looking for to help keep their homes warm in the winter. Quality window manufacturers ensure that their energy-efficient triple-glazed windows will keep Canadians warm this winter.

These windows offer:

Increased Insulation

Triple-glazed windows have an additional third window pane for extra insulation. Less heat from the home is able to escape from these windows, keeping homes warmer during the cold winter months.

This extra insulation also reduces energy bills since less heat is escaping and less energy is required to heat the home.

Reduced Condensation

With the extra insulating pane in triple-glazed windows, less condensation will form on or in the windows. Condensation can cause water damage and mold growth.

Condensation can also make rooms feel cold and damp from the humidity. Homeowners can rest easy knowing that their quality-manufactured triple-glazed windows will keep their homes dry and warm in the winter.

Improved Energy Rating

Triple-glazed windows have a better energy rating than double-glazed windows because they have better insulation and are energy efficient. These Energy Star-rated windows are not only energy-efficient in the winter, keeping the cold air out and the warm air in, but they are also helpful in the summer months.

Their quality insulation keeps cool air in the house during the hot weather, while keeping the hot air out. An investment in quality triple-glazed windows for the winter is worth it for homeowners year-round.

Window manufacturers in Canada know how cold things can get. Energy Star windows provide efficient insulation to keep Canadian homes warm and comfortable in the winter.

Customers can take pride knowing they’re supporting local manufacturers, and get to enjoy the added benefits of triple-glazed windows. The extra insulation and quality materials used in triple-glazed windows is why they are a top seller before winter starts.