Make The Right Investment With The Right Manufacturer

When choosing from the different window manufacturers in Canada, it is important to do your research.  Trusting a reputable manufacturer with a proven track record will always yield the best results, and help you avoid these common issues and challenges.

Warranty Woes

It’s important to check the reputation of a window manufacturer when you look into warranty policies. Making sure that a company can provide the peace of mind you require in the event of an issue or error is a must. Established companies with proven track records for delivering quality service are always a safe bet.


A well-made window should last you between 10 and 20 years before it needs replacing. The longevity of a window depends in large part on the quality of the glass package and framing system. Do your research and stick to a manufacturer you trust to provide a product that’ll last as long as you need it to.

Framing Pros and Cons

Each type of frame has its own pros and cons:

  • Wooden frames: These frames are popular because they are energy efficient. They won’t lose heat or draw in heat from outdoors because wood is a non-thermal conductor. The tradeoff is that wooden window frames require a lot of maintenance to stay in good shape. Wooden window frames need to be sanded, scraped, and painted regularly. There is also a risk that they can warp or shrink, and could require replacement sooner than you’d hope.
  • Aluminum frames: Though aluminum frames cost less than other makes, they are not as energy efficient as their counterparts, and aluminum’s status as a thermal conductor means you’ll lose some heat in the winter and gain extra heat in the summer. On the upside, they have a greater longevity than wooden frames.
  • Vinyl frames: There are many benefits to all-vinyl frames, including energy efficiency, competitive prices, easy customization, and little maintenance. The tradeoff here is that vinyl is not as durable as other frame options.
  • Hybrid frames: Reputable window manufacturers in Canada offer hybrid frames which are a combination of aluminum and vinyl PVC.  The aluminum exterior provides strength while the PVC interior provides insulation, giving you the best of both worlds.

Colour Options

Canadian window manufacturers give their customers plenty of stylish options to choose from. For example, hybrid windows are available in an array of colours. It’s even possible to match other aluminum components like garage doors and sliding doors.

Whether replacing your windows for aesthetic purposes or to increase energy efficiency, the manufacturer matters. Choosing windows from reputable window manufacturers in Canada ensures you get the best quality windows at the most reasonable prices.