The Differences and Benefits of Slider Windows vs. Hung Windows

When it comes to windows, it’s hard to say that one type is better than the other. Slider and hung windows are simply different, each bringing certain aspects of style and function with them. Here’s what window manufacturers in Canada have to say about the differences and benefits of both.


Because hung windows – particularly double-hung windows – have a more complicated design than slider windows, they require a skilled and experienced window manufacturer (Canada has many). Hung windows move up and down; therefore, they need to be made strong. Slider windows move horizontally on a track and thus don’t need to be as fortified because they’re not holding up as much weight.


In a country like Canada, where the temperature swings from very cold to very hot over the course of the year, it’s important to consider the air flow and how tightly the windows can be sealed. Window manufacturers in Canada are confident that slider windows allow the maximum amount of airflow, while something like a single-hung window is completely airtight on one half and allows for a tighter seal in those frosty winter months.


Single-hung windows are tricky to clean because only one pane moves. Because of the way double-hung windows move, they tend to be the easiest to clean. Some slider windows do come off the track for easier cleaning, but not all models do. However, window manufacturers in Canada admit that sliding windows are less likely to break, since there’s less strain on them than a hung window.


Knowing the parameters of the space in which the window will be installed is a very important part of choosing slider or hung windows. In most cases, hung windows (especially double-hung) are tall but not as wide, and slider windows are wider than they are tall. A restriction on the size and space available can be an instant clincher for which window to choose.

Ultimately, window manufacturers in Canada believe that hung windows and slider windows both have many benefits in both their style and functions. The circumstances under which the windows are being replaced or installed and the specific attributes being sought out are really what determine the best course of action when deciding which type to use.