Easy Tips for Adding Privacy to Any Room with a Window

Windows provide much needed fresh air and natural light in any room, helping you be less reliant on artificial light during the day. Custom windows in Ottawa also add value to your home or business through curb appeal and energy efficiency.

While windows are a much-sought-after addition to any room, you might feel that your privacy is compromised depending on the location and size of your windows. Despite this, there are many solutions to continue enjoying ample natural light while also benefiting from some needed privacy.


As a business owner, you may want extra privacy in your boardrooms. If your business requires a specific or intimate ambiance, a large window facing a busy street may be inconvenient as well.

Likewise, as a homeowner, you may want to get as much natural light as possible while also remaining private enough that neighbors cannot see everything happening inside your home.

Whether you be at home or at work, you will most definitely want privacy in your bathroom while also getting some much-needed ventilation. Whether you opt for window treatments or frosted windows, there are many easy fixes to get the privacy you need.


Frosted windows are not only decorative, but they are also efficient. A frosted bathroom window will provide much-needed privacy while still allowing natural light into the room.

To frost a bathroom window, you can use one of the following methods:

Spray Paint

There is a particular type of spray paint for frosting windows that you can buy online or at your local home improvement store.

Before spraying, clean your windows thoroughly and apply painter’s tape along the window frame to protect it from the spray.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Most products, however, will indicate that you should spray a thin coat on the glass and allow the coating to dry before reapplying. You will most likely have to continue spraying additional coats, letting each coat to dry before applying the next, until you are happy with the opacity of the glass.

If you ever want to remove the frosted look, just scrape it off with a paint scraper.

Privacy Window Film

You can find frosted-glass window film online or at a home hardware store. First, clean the glass with a glass cleaner and lint-free cloth. Next, fill a spray bottle with water and two drops of dish soap.

Lightly spray the glass and apply the film, removing air bubbles by squeezing as you go. Since it is non-adhesive, you can reapply it if you don’t get the right the first time.

Etching Cream

For a permanent frosted glass, you can use glass-etching cream. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully with this product. Apply painter’s tape around the window frame before using a bristled brush to rub in the cream. Let the cream sit for the specified amount of time before rinsing it off with warm water.


The ideal window treatments for bathrooms are durable, stylish, and mildew resistant, while also providing natural light and ensuring ample privacy.

There are plenty of window treatment that can suit various window sizes and styles.

Roman Shades

With a variety of styles, patterns, and colors to choose from, Roman shades can suit the décor of any bathroom. These window treatments are stylish, functional, and provide that extra privacy needed in a bathroom.

Some Roman shades completely block light while others allow plenty of natural light in without compromising privacy. When choosing fabric for Roman shades, look for mildew-resistant fabrics to withstand the high moisture of bathrooms.

Faux Wood Blinds

These window treatments have the elegant appearance of wood but are more durable and resistant to moisture. Faux wood won’t warp, crack, or mildew. It is also easy to clean and comes in a variety of colors—from solid white to dark natural colors.

Woven Wood Shades

For a contemporary or casual look, the natural look of woven wood shades can add visual appeal to a bathroom. These shades allow soft light in, while also maintaining privacy. Woven wood shades also come in top-down or bottom-up styles to suit your privacy preferences.

Another option for wood shades is bamboo shades. Bamboo is exceptionally resilient to humidity, making it an ideal wood for bathrooms.

Café Curtains

Café curtains often come in pairs, with one type hanging and covering the top part of a window, and the other covering the bottom half. These curtains maximize natural light since they have light fabrics and only completely cover one window pane. You can still have a beautiful view of the outdoors while keeping the right amount of privacy in the bathroom.

Vinyl Shutters

For a traditional and rustic look, vinyl shutters are a chic addition to bathrooms. Since they are made of vinyl, not wood, they are not prone to warping, cracking, or mildew in humid bathroom environments.

These shutters also let in as much or as little light as you wish. You can even opt to have shutters on only the bottom half of windows for more light while keeping some privacy.

You can also mix and match window treatments to suit your desired look and privacy level. Valences are a nice addition to add a pop of color and elegance to the top of most window treatments.


Windows provide natural light and fresh air in bathrooms. They also open up bathrooms, making even the smallest rooms feel more substantial in size.

Functionally, windows also provide adequate ventilation, which allows bad odors and moisture to leave the room faster. Moisture left in bathrooms can result in mold and mildew, which is both a hazard to your health and to the structure of the bathroom.


For the ultimate privacy, why not install windows in a strategic location?

Skylight Windows

Skylights are probably the best window option for privacy since they face the sky instead of the side of your home or building. Skylight windows can be stationary or functional for added ventilation.

Therefore, you can have a great view of the sky above and all the natural light you want.

High-Set Windows

Windows set higher than usual are another excellent alternative for privacy and natural light. If strategically placed, no one outside will be able to see into your bathroom. And you can forgo window treatments.

Contact your local Ottawa windows manufacturers for more information about installing windows that ensure your privacy. You can also find out more about quality products you can use to add style, ambiance, and privacy to your space.