Why Replacing Your Windows Increases the Resale Value of your Home

Not only do windows give a house its charm, they allow that fresh breeze to come inside on a cool August morning. They keep the warmth sealed inside during a snowstorm all the while letting you enjoy the view from the comfort of your home.

When thinking about the condition of your windows, it’s important to be objective and assess the insulation and to factor in whether they are single, double or triple-glazed windows. Are your windows keeping you comfortable throughout the day? Or are you noticing you need to keep the heater on extra high during the winter because the hot air is sneaking out of your windows? Besides fixing your windows for your current living situation, you may also be thinking, does replacing my current windows for triple-glazed windows increase the resale value of my home? Here is how investing triple-glazed windows can benefit the re-sale value of your home:

Energy Efficiency

Windows and doors in Ottawa are a key factor in reselling your home. If you’re at the stage where you need to replace your windows, why not go for energy efficient triple glazed windows? This type of window has a third windowpane to eliminate condensation and keeps the heat from escaping your home. This in turn will reduce your energy bills over time. With triple-glazed windows, there is less opportunity for your energy consumption to escape. The energy consumption you pay for is the energy you use and nothing goes to waste.

Local Manufacturing

When you buy windows from a recognized windows manufacturer, you essentially increase the value of your home because of the investment for the new materials that will last longer. When people look for a home to buy, new windows are an attractive factor because they know they won’t have to deal with changing them anytime soon.

The Right Glass

Investing in new modern windows and doors in Ottawa means you will be upgrading one of the most integral structural components of your home. New glass designs are made to allow different types of glazes. This includes a low emissivity soft coat and hard coat depending on how much heat you would like to enter through your windows.

When you’re in the process of looking for new windows and doors in Ottawa, remember that a quality local manufacturer will have the flexibility to offer you the products you are looking for. Whether it is windows or doors, a proper installation is key to making your prime components of your house last decades. The resale value of your home will greatly benefit from quality triple-glazed windows and so will the speed at which your home will sell!