High-Quality Door Products

Our Selection Series is one of our most popular product ranges, no matter the season. Because of their popularity, we work hard to offer rapid turnaround times on orders. Selection Series doors typically have half the turnover rate compared to other Dalmen models and products.

This series is further divided into two options:

Commodity Selection

The Commodity Selection series has door models that are commonly seen in many modern homes. Their clean and sleek design complements the architectural surroundings of diverse types of residences. This category also provides many different glass options for further customization.

Prestige Selection

The Prestige Selection series offers your customers a sophisticated and elegant look for their home. Choose from several unique styles, such as the sleek black door model, Pur, or the simple yet classic model with stained glass, Rodin.

All Selection Series door models feature low-E glass with argon, ensuring enhanced energy performance.

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