Why Locally-Made Products Matter for Ottawa’s Window Retailers

How often do you stop to think about where the products that you buy—or in this case those that you sell—are manufactured? Whether you give it much thought or not, this actually can make a huge difference in more ways than some people realise! And for retailers who stock windows in Ottawa and the surrounding area, buying your products from a 100% Canadian-owned-and-operated manufacturer carries plenty of benefits, from pricing and delivery time to supporting the local economy and more.

Ethical Sourcing

One thing that we as Canadians can be incredibly proud of is that we set our labour standards high. When you buy a product that was manufactured here you can rest assured that it was made in safe, humane conditions by employees who are fairly compensated for their work. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said all around the world, and sometimes products may be made for less money somewhere else because of unsafe and exploitative conditions.

Environmentally Sound

Ottawa’s windows have to come from somewhere, right? And that means that they’re being transported, usually from a manufacturer to a retailer before your customers even realise that they need replacements. The further these products travel to find their way onto your shelves, the greater an impact they’ll have on the environment, as the carbon footprint increases and more exhaust is spent. Buying from local and national manufacturers is better for the environment than shipping them from overseas.

Lower Cost

Ottawa window retailers should also take into account the cost of stocking their products. Shipping them from local companies doesn’t just decrease the carbon footprint—it decreases the cost too! And when you’re not shipping from out-of-country, you can avoid any unexpected customs fees or tariffs.

Made for Canadians

Homeowners in Canada see a unique range of weather conditions throughout the year, and the windows in Ottawa houses need to be able to hold up to both the sweltering summers and the frigid winters. Windows made in Canada are built to last in our country, and your customers will appreciate that.

Access to the Manufacturer

Sourcing your products locally means you have greater access to the manufacturer. Special or custom orders, new stock, and more can be expected to arrive so much sooner, and you’ll always experience a fast turnaround.

Supporting Canada’s Economy

When you support Canadian businesses, you’re supporting Canada’s economy, helping grow jobs in our country and helping our business owners thrive and continue to produce exceptional products. It also stimulates the economy when you buy locally instead of from overseas, since more money made means more taxes paid, and those taxes are invested back into the community.

Whether you specialise in selling windows in Ottawa, in Ontario, or anywhere in Canada, there’s no denying that buying from Canadian manufacturers is the way to go!