Patio Doors that Fits Your Needs

Thanks to advances in technology and its features, windows, and doors are now one of the most exciting and dynamic parts of home design. They add a charm and a character to your home. And with so much variety and colours to choose from, they can be customized so that your home can be a reflection of yourself.

What are your Patio Doors Options?

Each year, new patio door concepts are reinvented and improved to please your every need.

Eurostyle Tilt-and-Turn

Tilt-and-turn patio doors are the most popular door style in Europe. This patio door option opens in two ways: a crack that promotes airflow and a conventional opening, making it easy to operate with discretion. It represents a high-quality option to traditional patio doors. Its discreet design allows it to flood your room with light and ventilate it safely.

Glass Walls

Remove the barriers between you and the outside with glass walls and create an aesthetic and functional look that suits modern spaces. This door system can be installed in two ways: folding or sliding. Also known as sliding glass wall, it adds a sparkle to your rooms with its contributions of natural light and beautifies your home. A movable wall that brings you the benefits of a large window accompanied by the functionality of a patio door.

Slide and stack patio doors

Create a dynamic atmosphere inside your home with these sliding doors made in the form of murals that capture the beauty of the landscape that surrounds you. They constitute a unique design suitable for all high-end and innovative constructions. With its narrow uprights and multiple configurations and colours, you can match to any space and décor. This door system can consist of 2 to 8 panels suitable for residential and commercial buildings.

Low profile patio doors (minimal sill, otherwise they look like windows)

Patio doors with low-profile sill allows for a smooth transition between the interior and exterior. The low-profile sill is generally at ground height. The sill can be associated with any standard sliding door panel configuration. It comes in many colours and different materials. This low sill option makes it less likely to stumble over and gives a flawless appearance.

Plenty of materials to choose from

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to patio door materials with outstanding performance.

  • Wood: For a traditional and elegant touch. Scratches and minor damage can be quickly repaired on this type of material. It can also be painted, tinted and easy to work on. It is a natural insulator that complements residential architecture.
  • Steel: A robust material resistant to any weather condition. This material is cheaper and easier to maintain.
  • Aluminum: For those who want lightweight, yet strong and energy efficient. These patio doors are reasonably priced. The narrowness of the aluminum frame emphasizes the glass features. They are very durable and require little maintenance.
  • Vinyl (or PVC): This material is affordable, cost-effective and energy efficient. Vinyl brings a modern look – therefore it is widely used in household products. Vinyl has many perks, one of them being that it’s very low maintenance.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass is perfect if you want an imitation of wood (without its defects) while still being energy efficient and resistant to wear and corrosion. Built to last, the frame expands and contracts at the same rate as the insulating glass it holds for energy efficiency and increased strength.
  • Hybrid materials: For those who have trouble deciding and want the benefits of different materials.

Additional Features for Energy Efficiency and Security

Patio doors have been refined to meet the needs of consumers looking for energy efficiency, durability and security.

Multipoint Locking Mechanisms

The door of the highest quality is only as efficient as its locking mechanism. For optimum safety, go for the multipoint locking mechanism designed for maximum security and sealing for protection against air and water infiltration. The lock is completed with locking with external pistons to obtain an anchorage between the door and the frame in three places. Even with the feeling of being exposed with big views, you’re safe and secure from everyone with this locking system.

High-Efficiency Glass

Patio doors are not only popular for aesthetic reasons. In addition to beautifying your home, they are refined to achieve maximum energy efficiency, no matter their size. They combine all the standard features in addition to the ones associated with energy-efficient technology.

Just like custom windows, patio doors are available in double and triple pane with the addition of Low-E coating for UV control. Moreover, some window companies give you the option of obscure coating for more privacy.

Patio doors have been redesigned to meet your needs to fulfill your dream of a luxurious and attractive home. It beautifies not only the inside but also the outside of your home.