Custom Window Styles That Can Transform Your Business

Windows have been called “the eyes of a home,” and much like our own eyes, they can make a statement. Stepping up your window game can also completely revamp your business’ overall look, making it look and feel refreshed.

There are many styles of window out there to choose from and customize. Custom windows can start as a simple pane of glass and turn into an attention-grabbing statement piece, allowing you to feature products or a welcoming interior. Here are a few window styles that can be customized to transform the look of your business:


Architectural windows are the go-to custom window if you want to make a statement with your storefront. What they lack in function, they make up with beauty. These windows let the sunshine in and stand out with their big and bold geometric designs. In addition, there are many designs to choose from, making architectural windows a great way to provide a standout facade for your business. While they may not open, these custom windows are a great way to incorporate a trendy look into any building.


Bay windows combine the best of both worlds. So named because they protrude from a wall, creating a bay in a building, these windows can serve as a spotlight for your business, showing off products or a unique display promoting new sales or seasonal changes. The numerous customization options makes this ideal for a business, and the way they protrude off a building also saves you some interior space. There are a variety of curve and frame customizations to choose from, ensuring you have a unique look for your business.

Casement And Awning

While casement and awning windows might sound very run-of-the-mill at first, there are many new design options offered that can take these hand-cranked windows and turn them into something eye-catching. For example, Renaissance awning windows come in a variety of colours unmatched by any other style. In addition to their visual appeal, Renaissance windows are highly functional windows that can add classic yet artistic flair to a building – try these to promote air flow and openness in a restaurant or bistro, for example. The Hybrid Aluminum series offers a polished look as well as superior function, while maintaining clean and modern style. Both options offer excellent form and function, and are a great choice if you’re looking for a simpler custom window.

These are just three of the many styles of window that can be customized as a beautiful addition to your business. Windows are the eyes of any building, and deserve the attention they receive. Custom windows are a great-looking investment to consider this season.