Ottawa Windows and Doors Retailer Opens Up on These Two Popular Styles

Selecting the right kind of windows in Ottawa is more than just a matter of aesthetics. Functionality, maintenance, energy efficiency, convenience, and more should come into play to make a truly effective decision. And of course, aesthetics should be considered too! With modern advances in technology and all the options that Ottawa windows and doors retailers offer, there’s no reason why the windows in your home can’t be both functional and fashionable.

Two of the most popular styles of windows, in Ottawa and around the world, are hung and sliders. Both favour a simpler design than some of their more mechanically-complex counterparts, but simplicity should never imply a lack of innovation: both hung and slider windows are great investments for your home. But which one would you prefer?

Single Hung or Double Hung

If you have ever lived in an older house, chances are you’ve seen a hung window or two, without knowing its name. Wood-framed panes that slide upwards (in double hung versions, the top pane also slides downwards), sometimes with a two-by-four underneath to support their massive weight… sound familiar? Well, this old-fashioned style has had some serious upgrades. Between energy-efficient double- or triple-glazed panes, frames made from aluminum or vinyl, and powerful weather stripping, today’s hung windows are a modern twist on a classic.

Another convenience of these great Ottawa windows is that you can easily install a windowsill air conditioner, which is more difficult with other styles. Double hung models are also great for ventilation; try opening both panes part way to create a cycle of air flow from one opening to the other.


To picture a slider window, simply take a hung window and turn it onto its side: the pane or panes slide horizontally, opening sideways. This makes them very easy to use—no lifting or reaching up high to move panes. Just simply unlatch, and slide. With these windows, Ottawa homeowners typically get to enjoy a bigger view too—sliders are often constructed larger than their hung counterparts, and offer more natural light as a by-product.

One of the biggest advantages of sliders is that, apart from being harder to clean than hung windows, they are very low-maintenance. Their design doesn’t incorporate any mechanical parts—not even the springs found in hung windows that keep them hanging. Fewer parts means less chance of jamming, wearing down, or malfunctioning, proving that sometimes simplicity truly is a beautiful thing.

Making the Best Choice for You

When it comes to picking the best windows, Ottawa homeowners should make the choice that benefits their home and suits their needs. Whether you prefer the ventilation of hung windows or the low maintenance of sliders, when you get them from quality Ottawa windows retailers, you know you’ll be in good hands.