What Windows in Ottawa Will Keep Your Customers Warm This Season

It’s always important to make your customers happy, but as a window distributor, product satisfaction is even more crucial. After all, windows in Ottawa are more than just products, they’re the front lines of your customers’ homes and what will protect them from all the storms, humidity, heat, ice and snow that Mother Nature throws their way. As such, it’s very easy to differentiate a good product from a bad one. Not only will a lesser product misrepresent your company, it will also affect your customers’ quality of life.

Choosing the right windows in Ottawa requires some extra consideration. they need to be able to stand up to potentially harsh and erratic winters, which is no small feat. Fortunately, there are a number of windows designed with this in mind. Here are a few products that can help your customers stay warm this winter:

Multi-Pane Windows

Double or triple-pane windows can significantly improve heat retention compared to single pane windows. Not only do multi-pane windows contain one or two extra panes of glass, each pane is separated by an argon-gas filled cavity, which results in airtight insulation.

Triple-pane or glazed windows will pack the biggest punch as the third pane acts as an additional barrier against heat loss and condensation. In comparison to double pane windows, triple glazed windows in Ottawa can improve the energy rating around 20 to 30 percent when comparing the SHGC (Solar heat Gain Coefficient) or U-value factors.

Energy Star® Windows

By carrying trademarked Energy Star® windows, your customers can be certain that what they are buying is a high quality, environmentally friendly, energy efficient product. With cold winters and hot summers, having energy efficient windows in Ottawa is very important. Though the initial investment is greater than other models, energy efficient windows will greatly reduce utility costs and put more money in your customers’ pockets in the long run.

Low Emissivity Glass Pane Windows

Another way of ensuring an energy efficient windows is to opt for windows that have been glazed with a low-emissivity (low-E) hard and soft coat. When applied on the outer side of the innermost glass, this glaze will improve the efficiency of the window in cold climates, which means a warmer home for your customers.

Windows in Ottawa stand up to some extreme conditions. As a window distributor, make sure your products are up to the task by stocking only the best Canadian-made windows.