Discover Our Energy Star Windows and High-Efficiency Glass

Dalmen manufactures an extensive collection of ENERGY STAR® windows in addition to a full range of Energy Star®-certified doors. This renowned trademark is a symbol of high quality, environmental commitment, and energy efficiency. Energy Star® windows are the standard when it comes to purchasing windows for your home.

Insulated and Enhanced

Glass can enhance a window dramatically, especially when it includes the right technology and features. Energy-efficient windows depend a lot on the kind of glass used. Dalmen uses insulated glass that includes an assortment of features and options to improve the energy efficiency of your customer’s home.

We also offer a wide variety of glass glazes, including a low-emissivity (low-E) soft coats and hard coats, which can enhance energy-efficient windows even more. Argon gas can be added into airspaces in windows to increase the window’s insulating performance.

Our Energy Efficiency Ratings

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Saint-Gobain Glass

Energy-Efficient Glass You Can Trust
Planitherm® Lux Low-E Glass from Germany

In this day and age, energy efficiency is on everyone’s mind. It’s no longer just about keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter—it’s about keeping energy bills low and ensuring homes and buildings boast greater thermal efficiency. Windows are on the leading edge of this initiative, and Dalmen Windows and Doors is proud to offer Saint-Gobain’s SGG Planitherm® LUX Glass glazing in all of our products.

Produced in Germany, these new Low-E coated glasses are dedicated to triple-glazed units for better comfort, no matter the window size. Planitherm® LUX offers exceptional thermal insulation while maximizing passive solar gains:

Thermal Insulation: Ug = 0.7 W/m²K | Solar Gain: g = 62%

How It Works

SGG Planitherm® LUX is manufactured on Saint Gobain Glass’ magnetron coaters. A unique combination of multiple layers is applied to high-quality extra-clear float glass using a magnetically enhanced cathodic sputtering process under vacuum conditions. The resulting thin and extremely transparent coating reflects long-wave heat radiation (Low-E) back into the room, whilst maximizing transmittance of natural light and shortwave solar radiation.

Put simply, Planitherm® LUX keep you cool in summer and warm in winter!

Triple Glazed Windows

Triple-glazed windows are becoming more popular due to their significant performance improvements. Our Energy Star-certified triple-glazed windows have an additional third pane included for insulation, compared to double-glazed windows with two panes and additional space between each section of glass. This third windowpane helps keep heat from escaping and reduces condensation. These windows can improve energy ratings by as much as 20 to 30% when comparing SHGC or U-value factors.

Super Spacer System

The Super Spacer® technology ensures three things: lower energy costs, the elimination of condensation, and prolonged durability. This dual seal insulating glass system is made from structural foam spacer containing absolutely no metal. Experience both comfort and value to your windows with Super Spacer®.