Trends And Predictions for Energy Efficient Windows Throughout 2015-2023

Thanks to an in-depth report from Transparency Market Research, studies have shown that the demand for energy efficient windows are fast on the rise, and set to continue throughout the next few decades.
By breaking down product types and regional interest, their study has calculated that revenue from commercial purchase of energy efficient windows is set to advance at a rate of 9.71%. This means the revenue created by the purchase of energy efficient windows will grow from $286.52 billion to approximately $479.9 billion throughout the projected time period.

Here are a few distinct trends and related predictions that have been noted within this fast-growing industry.

Energy Efficient Windows In North America

While the report identifies global trends, Canada is directly affected by trends in North America. Many countries are undergoing a complete carbon footprint overhaul, leading to an overall increase in energy efficient window production and purchase. In Canada, due to many environmental initiatives undertaken by our government, energy efficient windows are in high demand. Companies are mandated to meet certain standards of energy conservation, leading to a large influx of energy-efficient window purchases. Price drops and increased availability of energy efficient windows is foreseen in order to help businesses abide to new energy consumption standards. The revenue produced by this trend is predicted to come to a whopping total of $247.76 billion dollars by the end of the projected time period.

What’s Selling, What’s Not, And Why

There are only two types of energy-efficient windows available for purchase at this point and time. Between double-pane and low-e windows, a clear favouritism between the two products has been identified. While both products produce energy saving results, buyers are heavily leaning toward the purchase of double-pane glass. Why? Because they cost less. Businesses in particular have been taking advantage of the more economically friendly window when replacing conventional windows in offices, and other work-spaces. That being said, there are predictions suggesting that product popularity will undergo a substantial shift in the near future. Low-e glass produces better results, and with the added pressure of meeting government-set standards, many businesses will have to switch from the cheaper double-pane to the more effective low-e window.

While energy efficient windows may not be leading headlines for our main news outlets, the industry is booming. Our world and its energy consuming ways are changing and the energy efficient window market is set to rise. Predictions for the energy-efficient window industry throughout 2015 to 2023 are ultimately positive. Revenue is set to grow substantially, and less profitable products are set to make their great comeback. Energy efficient windows are a rapidly growing and necessary market that deserves our interest and attention.