Have your doors and windows performed as well as you would have wanted this winter? Or rather, are you noticing a draft as you stand next to a closed door in your home; or, perhaps you are seeing condensation accumulate on your windows at this very moment?

If you feel the need to improve your home’s energy efficiency, it might be time to consider a proper door or low-e window replacement for your residence which will add value to your home, as well as help you save considerably on your energy bills.

Why the rush, since winter is already almost over? It turns out, if your doors and windows are not energy efficient, or were installed improperly, you will not only be paying a higher energy bill next winter, but the inefficient heat transfer will also affect how confortable you are your family will feel in your home this summer as well!

Indeed, home owners in Canada are always looking for ways to improve their home’s energy efficiency, yet some consumers are not aware that there is an association in Canada whose aim is to certify contractors who consistently provide the best renovation services possible. The name of this organization is SAWDAC, which stands for Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada.

When you are ready to upgrade your home’s old doors or inefficient windows, it is always in your best interest to ask whether the installers you are considering hiring are SAWDAC certified. Unfortunately, there are still builders today who are not properly qualified to install energy-efficient doors and windows, and yet continue to offer such services to the general public.

SAWDAC certification is a national recognition program aimed at protecting consumers against shoddy and inferior renovation practices. Acceptance as a SAWDAC certified contractor is a sign that a company continuously adheres to extremely high-quality standards; indeed, 50% of contractors who apply for this certification do not get accepted.

You will notice right away how a SAWDAC certified installer stands out from regular, non-SAWDAC certified contractors. The best installers will not just “replace your window” and leave. Rather, they will pay a high attention to all aspects of your window replacement, such as the foaming and caulking, to help with insulation and thus prevent potentially costly water infiltration in your walls, for example.

If you are considering investing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your home’s energy efficiency upgrades, demanding a SAWDAC certified installer should soon become second nature!