What Window Companies Need To Know

Compression seals: what are they? How do they work? What are they used for? Why do windows need compression seals? No doubt window companies have heard these questions time and time again. It’s not a complicated technology, but finding a quick and easy way to explain it can be a challenge. While you may understand the ins and outs of this technology, your customers might not, which is why having a few key points and examples to bring up can mean the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.

How It Works

Explaining how compression seals work isn’t too difficult. They’re a seal between surfaces created by compressing a material, in this case a specialized polymer gasket. That compression is the result of mechanical hardware (generally a latch) acting to keep the seal intact. When in doubt, use the example of a fridge door—it’s probably the most common application of this technology—as people are familiar with the rubber gasket on the door. The only difference? A magnet instead of a latch!

What It Does

This is where window companies can shine. Compression seals can be specialized to handle extreme temperatures (such as those found in Canadian winters), improving the insulation properties of a window or door. Windows with compression seals do a better job at keeping the cold out during winter months. Additionally, further hardware can be used to strengthen the seal while providing improved security for a home. For example, a window’s sash can be outfitted with multi-point locking that remains invisible to an observer, which improves the quality of the seal and adds greater security.

The Benefits

By far the biggest benefit is improved energy efficiency for a home. Window companies that specialize in energy efficient products should be aware of just how big a difference compression seal technology can make—no more warm air creeping out through a standard window, which means less money spent on heating during a long winter. As mentioned earlier, compression seals can add greater security with the installation of more durable hardware, but it might surprise your customers to learn that this extra security barely affects the look and style of a frame. Additional security features can easily be added to a window with compression seals with next to no impact on the look of the window thanks to the small footprint of this technology. Plus, these seals can protect against water leaking through a window and helps insulate against excessive noise.

In short, compression seals are a great way to cut down on energy costs, keep your home comfortable, and keep your home safe.

It’s not like compression seals are terribly complicated—it’s just that explaining how they work in a short amount of time can be tricky. Understanding this excellent technology is key for window companies to make sure their customers are getting top-notch products that’ll help them for years to come.