Choose the Right Doors and Windows for Your Business in Ottawa

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of renovating your business, your doors can make a lasting impression on customers and potential clients. As with every other detail regarding your business, your doors can be inviting and welcoming or can give a disagreeable and distasteful appearance to your business.

First impressions do matter! You want to make sure any judgments made about your business are favorable to your enterprise. What sort of ideas do you want your clients and customers to have as they make their way to the entrance of your business? In Ottawa, doors and windows can make your business stand out!

If your business doors are faded, outdated, damaged, and hard to open or close, then it’s time to consider upgrading to new quality doors. New doors will add security, improve the appearance of your business, and even make your business more energy-efficient.

Consider these common types of commercial doors when shopping from your local Ottawa doors and windows manufacturer.


  • Hollow-metal doors
  • Galvanized steel doors
  • Fiberglass doors
  • Glass doors
  • Overhead doors
  • Roll-up doors
  • Wooden doors

Practical Considerations


Solid, Sturdy, and secure exterior doors ensure that your business is better protected from damage and theft. Depending on where your business is located and what sort of building you use, an overhead or roll-up door can be the most effective door to keep your business safe. Steel doors are equally secure, and most Ottawa door and windows manufacturers would tell you they are a popular choice.


Is your business a store, an office, or a warehouse?

The type of business and building you have should influence the type of doors you use.

An office building will most likely have steel exterior doors and glass or hollow-metal interior doors. While a warehouse will have overhead or roll-up doors to fit delivery trucks. Accessibility, security, safety, and efficiency should all be considered when picking a door for your business.


Is your front entrance a single standard-size door, a double door, or a giant garage door?

Roll-up and overhead doors will fit garage openings. Metal, steel, wood, and fiberglass doors can be installed in single or double doorways. If you have multiple openings in your business, feel free to use steel doors for the standard-sized or double doors, and the overhead door for the garage entrance.

Frequency of Use

How often do people walk in and out of your doorways? Are most visitors your customers? Do you receive many deliveries that could potentially scratch, dent or damage your doors?

Steel doors can withstand the most use without showing damage, whereas wooden doors are more likely to show scratches and fading with regular usage. Consider the sort of ambiance you want to create for your business as well. Ideally, you should pick a door that is both durable according to your needs, and aesthetically appropriate.


Evidently, you need to pay close attention to your budget when choosing upgrades for your business. However, it’s always best to consult Ottawa door and windows manufacturers to get an idea of the options available to you. Should you need a new door, or even new windows, you should choose a product that is budget-friendly without compromising quality, security, and durability. Getting the opinion of professionals can make this easier than you think.

A good door can ultimately be a great investment for your business, as it may attract a new set of customers. If durable, a good door will not need to be replaced for years which will save you money and time.

Interior vs. Exterior Doors

Galvanized-steel doors are best able to withstand extreme weather conditions without warping or rusting. These are usually recommended for exterior doors in Ottawa since the winter storms can be particularly forceful. As for interior doors, the choice will depend on the design, décor and durability needs of your business.


Making a Good First Impression

A new set of doors can make new potential customers notice your business as it gives the impression that you value the quality, appearance, and safety of your products. Clients and customers will conclude that a business that cares about maintaining a good appearance is more likely to care about keeping them (the customers) happy and satisfied.

The type of commercial doors you choose will depend on several factors, such as budget and function, but you can still make a positive lasting impression on customers with new doors for your Ottawa business. Not sure where to start? Get in touch with Ottawa’s doors and windows manufacturers.