Window companies have the answer

Steel is known to be strong, but did you know there are many other benefits? Here are a few reasons window companies suggest replacing your current doors with ones made of steel:


Steel is the clear winner when it comes to fire ratings and vandal resistance thanks to its durability and sturdiness. Protect your business or home from break-ins, theft, fire, storm devastation, and every day elements by choosing steel – aluminum, wood, and fibreglass are no matches to its safety performance.

Noise reduction

Whether your business emits loud noise or you need to block out exterior sounds, you may want to consider installing steel doors. The hollow metal acts as an insulator and effective noise barrier.


Steel is anything but boring! Ask your local window and door companies for samples and you’ll be amazed by the sheer number of options. Choose from stainless steel for a more modern look, vibrant colours, faux finishes, window cut-outs, the list goes on… You can also customize your door by colour-matching it to your business’ branding or exterior.


Door and window companies often quote the longevity of steel. Its durability provides great long-term value that usually last over 30 years. Unlike wood, hollow metal won’t rot, crack, or warp as it withstands the elements much better. Maintenance is low, and often requires very few repairs, which attributes to the fact that it is a very popular choice for most businesses.


Steel is the world’s most recycled material and can easily be reprocessed since separation from the waste stream is done magnetically. Steel of any grade can be recycled and turned into new high-quality metal which makes steel doors the ‘green’ choice.

Energy efficiency

Hollow metal offers very good insulation and will save you money while also benefiting the environment. Certified Energy Star models are available, featuring tight-fitting frames and insulated glass for doors that have windows, which reduces heat transfer.


Costs vary depending on the door’s size, specifications, finishing, etc., but generally speaking, steel doors are very affordable to begin with – plus, maintenance costs are low.

Let’s summarize! Hollow metal doors are versatile, durable, and have outstanding safety ratings. They come in a wide variety of choices and have the added bonus of being environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Hence, if you are looking for a door of premium quality that lasts, look no further than steel!

For more details and product samples, visit your local door and window companies, or contact an expert to request an onsite consultation.