Ottawa’s Windows and Doors Experts Weigh in on Pros, Cons, and When You Should Use Each

When you’re getting custom windows installed, the sky is the limit on what you can do. But for ease of use and good efficiency, you might want to consider windows that open by way of crank. Casements and awnings are perfect for a variety of uses, and each come with their own distinctive advantages, as well as a few shared bonuses between them.

So which one is right for you? Let’s find out what the experts in windows in Ottawa have to say!


Awning windows have a hinge on the top side, meaning they open upwards from the bottom. Because the entire awning is being supported from the top, the weight is the first thing you should consider: an awning should never be so large that its hinges can’t support, or you may severely damage its functionality. Besides that, these custom windows work best in spaces that are wider than they are tall. The flat panel is great for air ventilation and can bring more air flow in than a non-crank window. Because the awning slopes downwards away from your wall, you can even leave it open during rain showers without getting much water inside. And with the screen on the inside, you never have to worry about letting bugs in.

One of the primary disadvantages to this style of window Ottawa residents may notice is that the outer side can’t be cleaned from inside the home. Because of this, awnings are usually only ideal on the first floor of a home, and are favoured in kitchens.


These custom windows are in a few ways the inverse of their horizontally-hinged cousins. With a hinge on the side, they work best in spaces that are taller than they are wide. This also makes the flat panel of a casement even more effective at directing cool breezes into your home, making them the ideal windows for Ottawa and its hot summers. They’re also some of the most energy-efficient windows on the market, as most casements are built with a compression seal that beats out any other window seal at keeping the outside air out of your house.

While they are easier to clean from the outside than an awning is, they suffer from the same weight problem – the heavier the window, the more likely it is to deform its hinges.

Which One is Right for You?

The truth according to Ottawa windows experts is, it depends on where you will use it! Both offer great visibility and ventilation (although both need a lot of space on the outside to move freely). Consider the space it will be put in, how easy it will be to use and maintain, and how much ventilation or rain coverage you might benefit from. In the end, you may find yourself combining both of these custom windows in your home!