How The Manufacturing Sector And Canadian Window Manufacturers Fuel The Economy

There are many different factors that contribute to the strength of the Canadian economy. With primary sectors like oil and lumber, manufacturing, agriculture and fishing, and a growing role in the software industry, the Canadian economy is made up of many moving parts that work together to stabilize the country. Here are four key ways that the manufacturing sector, including Canadian window manufacturers, are working to build a strong economy:

1. Employing a large percentage of Canadians

The manufacturing sector provides roughly 1.7 million Canadians with full-time employment each year. That means one in five workers across more than 360 Canadian communities are employed by the manufacturing industry. The industry also supports approximately three million more people through indirect effects, including retail and national resources. With such an integrated reach and a large employment base across Canada, it’s easy to see how important manufacturing is to the economy.

2. Manufacturing is over half of Canada’s exports

The manufacturing sector, including Canadian window manufacturers, also accounts for 61 percent of all of Canada’s exports, bringing more money into the country and affecting the global economy. Being involved in international exports makes Canada an active participant in the global economy. These products form a base for international policies and trade agreements, giving Canadians access to the global marketplace.

3. Supporting Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

The GDP is the total dollar value of all the finished goods and services in a country. In Canada, manufacturing continues to be one of the top contributors to the country’s annual GDP. This means that Canadian manufacturers of products like windows and vehicles have consistently added value to Canada’s economy. At 11 percent, they are the second largest contributing sector, making it very important for the stability and growth of the country. Without this industry, the economy would fluctuate rapidly each year.

4. Manufacturers are leaders in innovation

The manufacturing sector is always changing and modernizing to influence and adapt to the evolution of modern technology. Since manufacturers are competing on the national and international stage, they are investing heavily in Canadian research and development to increase yields, productivity, and products. This is what pushes Canadians to be innovative and to think outside the box, leading to the development of skills, knowledge, and new technology.

Window manufacturers and the manufacturing sector in Canada will continue to be a large contributor to the economy as long as the community stays vibrant. By encouraging innovation, investing in skilled workers, and attracting young talent this sector will be leading the products of tomorrow.