Retailers of Windows and Doors in Ottawa Can Benefit from Local Sourcing

“Locally sourced”—if you haven’t heard this phrase, then chances are you’ve heard some variation of it. In a time when it’s possible to source the products on your shelves from every corner of the globe, there’s a strong distinction between buying locally and buying from another province, country, or even continent. But there is a powerful case to be made for buying locally; if you sell windows and doors in Ottawa, then why not buy from window manufacturers in Ontario? Here are a few reasons why you should:


So there are two products, nearly identical in every respect, both being sold wholesale at a comparable rate. Does it matter, then, which one you choose to supply? The answer is, of course—because the cost of procurement doesn’t end with the price of the product itself. There’s shipping and transportation to take into account. At the end of the day, shipping a product to your store from the Ottawa Valley is going to cost you a lot less than it would from, say, Alberta.

Environmental Impact

If you sell windows and doors to Ottawa homeowners, then one of your key selling points is energy efficiency. If you’re going to sell an environmentally-friendly product, why not be just as friendly in the way you source it? This plays right back into the cheaper cost of procurement—when buying doors or windows from local manufacturers, the fuel expenditures are decreased, and your impact on the environment is lessened. Now that’s something to feel good about!

Fast Turnaround

Delivering exceptional service to your clients—the kind that builds customer loyalty—means not leaving them waiting. When you order new stock from window manufacturers in Ontario, it can arrive in days or even hours, not weeks. This makes a difference to your customer when they need new replacement windows, and when you give them a speedy turnaround, you demonstrate how you’ll go above and beyond for them—and that kind of reputation pays for itself several times over.


This benefit is two-fold: firstly, when you purchase from local suppliers, you build relationships with them that will pay off for your business. Having a working business relationship you can rely on is always an asset, especially when they can respond to requests and queries in real time because there’s no time zone difference.

The other side to this is that when you stock your Ottawa windows and doors retailer locally, you’re also investing in the local economy. By stimulating the circular flow of income in your region and increasing demand for locally-manufactured products, you are contributing to the creation of more jobs, and when there are more jobs, there are more consumers—and suddenly you’ve had a hand in creating a domino effect of economic stimulation.

If you’re ready to start buying local, then it’s time to start considering window manufacturers in Ontario—the smart choice for your business.