How to Attract Customers with Bright, Clean, and Updated Ottawa Doors and Windows

First impressions are important, especially for businesses. First impressions influence whether customers will notice and choose your business over others.

And for most businesses, the storefront makes this first impression. Your storefront is the first thing people see when walking by, so it should be attractive. Sometimes the smallest things can displease customers, such as dirty or old-looking windows.

But with a bit of work and care, you can keep your storefront well-maintained so it will stand out to passersby. Contact your local Ottawa doors and windows experts to upgrade your storefront. And consider these tips to keep your storefront fresh and eye-catching.

Avoid Clutter

Keep your storefront and window display clean, tidy, and approachable. If there are too many products cramped together, customers will feel overwhelmed. Whenever you receive deliveries, make sure to bring all boxes to the storeroom so they don’t clutter your store.

Spaced-out displays make it easier for customers to browse and look for products. You can also highlight certain products with strategic display organization.

Update Your Window Display Regularly

Your window display is the main attraction for potential customers. You can have fun and get creative with display updates to suit the seasons. With this display, you can show off your products, showing how they can benefit your customers.

Window displays should be attractive and highlight your products. And they should be relevant to the season, upcoming events, and customers’ needs. Consider changing your window display once or twice each season.

Maintain Your Doors and Windows

Keep your windows and doors clean and well-maintained. Consider hiring a professional window cleaner to clean your windows regularly. Also, make sure the paint and caulking on your windows and doors are in good condition.

For old doors and windows, consider replacing them with new, energy-efficient doors and windows. An upgrade can improve your storefront curb appeal. It can also help you save on heating and air-conditioning costs, being a good return on investment.

Use Well-Designed Signage

Along with the window display, your storefront signs will be the first things people see. Your signs should be eye-catching and portray your brand and message to customers.

Without an eye-catching sign, potential customers may not notice your business. Damaged and outdated signs give off the wrong impression. People may think that businesses aren’t invested in maintaining a professional appearance.

To update your storefront sign, use easy-to-read fonts and colours. Also, consider an illuminated sign so it will be visible at night. As with your windows and doors, your storefront sign should suit the style of the building. Your sign should also meet community regulations for signage.

Opt for weatherproof signs, and check your signs regularly. If they need maintenance—i.e. repairs and light bulb replacements—fix the issue immediately to avoid giving off the wrong impression.

Other signs—such as sandwich boards and display signs—should be strategically placed in and outside of your store to effectively reach your customers.

Keep Your Store Well-Lit

Poor visibility will make it hard for customers to see your products and navigate your store. So make sure to keep all areas brightly lit. This includes the front door, window display, and throughout the store—i.e. each corner and aisle.

If you have a parking lot for customers, keep this area well-lit at night. Well-lit stores are more inviting to customers, especially during gloomy days and nighttime.

Consider Awning Options

An awning can add extra character to your storefront. It will also provide shelter from the elements. Awnings protect window displays, entrances, customers, and merchandise from the snow and rain.

Awnings come in various colours and materials, including canvas and metal. Find a style that suits your brand, store appearance, and the style of your building.

Maintain Your Overall Storefront

Take a step back and look at your storefront with a critical eye. Is it missing anything? Does the appearance match your brand and building style? Is there any dirt or damage?

Check the condition of your storefront often and make repairs when necessary. Make sure to:

  • Maintain the condition of the paint, trim, siding, gutters, signs, and awnings;
  • Keep your storefront clean—remove litter, sweep, and clean the exterior surfaces often; and,
  • Keep visuals simple and attractive—too many visuals on your storefront could overwhelm customers.

Keep these tips in mind to have a storefront that will stand out. With a clean and inviting storefront, you can attract more customers.

A bit of work can go a long way when it comes to maintaining your storefront and keeping your business on top. Contact Ottawa doors and windows experts to replace your outdated windows and doors. They can help boost your curb appeal while making your store more energy-efficient.