Three Types of Exterior Doors in Ottawa That Are Both Inviting and Convenient for Hosting Guests

No matter the season, many Canadians make use of their outdoor spaces for entertaining guests. Yards and patios are being transformed into outdoor living and dining rooms. Outdoor patio furniture is durable, comfortable, and stylish, and fire pits are being used year-round for extra comfort and relaxation. Outdoor spaces are extensions of the home and indoor living space, so it only makes sense to have exterior doors that don’t obstruct the outside views.

Here are three exterior doors in Ottawa that will please clients who enjoy hosting with their outdoor living spaces:

Decko Doors

These patio doors provide a great view of the outdoors in style. Decko Doors are manufactured with high-quality materials and testing, and come in many different styles that will match any home and outdoor décor.

  • Made-to-Measure Doors are custom-made to meet the many different dimensions, designs, and colours needed for ideal patio doors. Clients can transform their exterior doors into a welcoming entrance to the great outdoors.
  • The Combo Alu collection of doors combines PVC with aluminum, and comes in a variety of styles and endless colours. Whether customers choose the Standard Grill, Terrace, or Contour Grill option, they will be pleased with this durable and stylish patio door.
  • The wood finish is for those who want to have a true outdoor feel at their patio doors. This finish is optional for Combo Alu and Combo PVC doors, and comes in a variety of wood types to choose from, including: Brazilian Cherry, Dark Oak, Maple, and Red Cedar.

French Doors

Whether for the front, side, or back of the house, French Doors are an exceptional option for exterior doors in Ottawa. French Doors open up the living space to the outdoors, providing ample views and natural light while adding a stylish and elegant look to the home. These durable doors can withstand any Ottawa weather, and are convenient to use when hosting guests outdoors.

Slide & Stack Doors

Another inviting option for exterior doors are the Royal Slide & Stack Patio Doors. Manufactured with two to eight panels, these doors provide exceptional views of the outdoors while being durable, energy-efficient, and weather-resistant. Slide & Stack Doors are easy to maintain and operate, so clients and their guests won’t have any trouble walking in and out during gatherings.

Patio doors and French doors are essential exterior doors to offer clients who enjoy entertaining, especially in their outdoor living spaces. These doors provide open views that make homes more inviting while conveniently extending the indoor living space to the outdoors.