Must-Have Updates and Modifications for Doors and Windows in Ottawa

When it comes to home décor trends, many people focus on the interior decoration and forget that big hardware such as doors and windows can have an equal impact on the look of their home. Here are three of the best trends for doors and windows Ottawa has to offer this year:

Bright Colours

An easy way to stand out in the townhouse-filled suburban Ottawa: doors and windows that take on a life of their own through vibrant colours. While simple colours like white, black or just a plain wood finish have almost always been the standard, the 2016 trend is to paint the window frames or shutters the same colour as the door. Powerful palettes such as wine reds, teals, pastel greens, and deep purples are making their rounds this year. And if the new colours don’t match the exterior paint… well, that sounds like the perfect excuse for a total home makeover.

Updated Windows

Living in Ottawa, doors and windows can let in a lot of cold in the winter months, so a straightforward replacement is on the table for an energy-conscious 2016. Not only do new windows offer an enormous savings on the hydro bill and make for a greener planet, they also modernize older houses. Check out any local hardware store catalogue or shop online to see all the new styles of frames and glass available. 2016 is even boasting clear solar-panel windows! What a great opportunity to be an eco-trendsetter simply by installing new doors and windows.

Custom Doors

With all the new tools and materials available as home construction technology advances, it’s never been so easy to get custom doors and windows. Bold, decorative doors with long windows made of wood or fiberglass are in style this year. Many companies allow the customer to choose everything from inlayed designs to frosted glass and everything in between, right down to the grain of the wood or weight of the fiberglass. And they are energy-efficient too, keeping those frigid winters and humid summers at bay.

So many doors and windows are the same, due to the rapid expansion of suburbs. 2016 is the year to be different, to stand out, and to make what used to just be a house into a home. And what better way to do that than with some trendy new doors and windows, Ottawa?