A Look at The Most Commonly Asked Questions Buyers Have About Commercial Windows and How You Can Help Them Make the Right Choice for Their Business Needs

Clients interested in commercial windows often consider the following factors when choosing new windows for their businesses: budget, aesthetics, performance, and security. Businesses want affordable windows that provide visually-appealing storefronts to attract potential customers. However, these windows must be durable to prevent break-ins, as well as energy efficient to avoid high energy costs. So, when helping business owners choose commercial windows for their business, consider these commonly asked questions so you can help them make the right choice.

What Are the Best Window Materials?

The type of window materials that are best for a commercial window buyer depends on their individual business needs. There are a variety of glass and frame options available to match both interior décor and exterior design, while maximizing energy efficiency. Energy Star-rated glass is the most popular choice for ensuring energy efficiency and performance. Other glass options include tinted glass for additional energy performance and Plexiglas for security and durability.

Frame materials will depend on the architecture of the building along with the interior design. Frames typically come in wood, aluminum, vinyl, PVC, and hybrid aluminum-PVC for added durability and choice of appearance. It’s important to provide buyers with a variety of options, along with being able to customize their commercial windows to meet their individual business needs.

What Are the Best Window Options for Increasing Energy Efficiency?

Energy Star-rated windows have been tested on their energy performance and rated based on how energy efficient they are. To help buyers determine the energy efficiency of commercial windows, look for the U-value and the solar heat gain (SHG) on the Energy Star label. SHG determines the amount of heat from sunlight that is able to transfer through the glass. Although heat may be welcome in the winter, businesses will not want extra heat from the sun in the summer. The more energy-efficient windows have lower U-values and lower SHG ratings, and will save businesses on heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

What Are the Best Window Security Options?

From window locks and alarms to secure glass types, there are a many security options to choose from for commercial windows. Reinforced glass and Plexiglas will prevent windows from breaking easily but may not be as visually appealing as regular glass windows. Security sealant is another option for reinforcing glass but without compromising aesthetics. Businesses can also install security alarm systems for additional protection and prevention from intruders breaking in.

When helping buyers choose the right commercial windows for their business, consider their business needs, including their budget, design, performance, and security goals. By offering a variety of commercial windows to choose from, you can provide buyers with the best windows suited to their unique needs.